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EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears ‘Money, Love & Happiness’ Demo Finally Leaked!

“Original Doll” producer Michelle Bell leaked the full version of “Money Love & Happiness,” but it was an uphill battle. Team Britney asked her to stop after this.

She posted the song and this message on…

Exclusive: We Chat With BOTB About Tartans, Studs, And Other Fall 2012 Trends!

While we were out at the Project trade show in Las Vegas last week, we got the chance to check out a lot of new awesome brands. One of the up-and-coming…

Exclusive: Buzznet Chats With Insight About Their Fall 2012 Collection


Buzznet hooved it out to the WWD MAGIC/Project fashion tradeshows on Feb 13-15 to get you the scoop on what your favorite brands have in…

Street Style: MAGIC/PROJECT Fashion Trade Show In Las Vegas

Any large gathering of fashion people is bound to have a, uh, wide range of personalities in terms of style. While there were more than a few straight-up DONTS (I’m talking to you, lady who walked the entire show in a teal colored feather head-dress) there were also some killer looks walking the aisles of… More »

EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears New Demo “Secret”

On August 2010, rumors said that Britney’s new album had to be released in November of that year with a previous single released a few of weeks later. The single was called “Secret” and it has been produced by The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo – same producers of “I’m a Slave 4 U”… More »

My 2011’s Review: Don’t Waste Your Time, You Only Live Once!

So, another year is almost gone! This is so weird how fast days are passed, it seems yesterday I was writing my 2010 review and here we are already greeting the end…

Project.Inspire.21 #21 featuring Irene

Can’t stop to thank you my dear Yong Yi

Love you so much

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“Good friends are like stars… You don’t always see them, but you know they are…


30 years ago was born a little fairy, here name is Britney Jean Spears.

Since the beginning she was strong, smart and determinate to be a star.

Now after 13 years…

Project.Inspire.21 #19 featuring Irene

Thanks once again Yong Yi, I love you so much

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“Love is like oxygen. Love is a very splendid thing. Love lifts us…

Project.Inspire.21 #18 featuring Irene

Thanks once again Yong Yi and also a special thanks to the lovely words of Kat, Feli and Lory in the original post!

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DIY Glitter Shoes!

So I came across this awesome DIY project, over at Annie Spandex that’s fun, messy, sparkly, and just down right awesome DIY GLITTER SHOES!!!! This is…

Project.Inspire.21 #14 featuring Irene

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“They hear me, but they don’t really listen to me!”
-Britney Spears-

This is another quote that I feel connected to since…

What the Hellz? Introducing BOTB Clothing!

I’d like to introduce you to this unique new collection, BOTB, by Lanie Alabanza-Barcena (creator of the trail blazing street brand, Hellz Bellz). BOTB’s highly anticipated collection, titled “Movers and Shakers,” looks amazing! Lanie did an awesome job combining her tough girl mold with a more light hearted approach – mixing high end sensibilities with… More »

Project.Inspire.21 #8 featuring Irene

Thank you Yong Yi for to have chosen another quote of mine!

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Project.Inspire.21 #1 featuring Irene

Thank You Yong Yi, you are the best!

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“Everyone knows me, but not all know exactly who…

Featured Photo Project: SummerGraces’s ‘Letters A – Z’

SummerGrace has some gorgeous photos of Flora & Fauna on her profile. She has taken her love of nature and turned her camera inward for a more in depth look at her daily life…

The Glee Project’s Alex, Cameron and Ellis Talk About Their Affinity For Scarves, Being A Sexy Nerd, and Orange Fashion

While the hit show Glee may be on hiatus for the summer, reality competition show The Glee Project is well underway on the small screen! For those of you in the…

Featured Project: ToLoveAndBack Creates Her 100 Quotes Project

Even though ToLoveAndBack has only been on Buzznet since the close of last year, she is starting to create some pretty rad photos. She also putting them together with some of her favorite quotes.…

30 Days Song Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 – I discovered MaterDea, an Italian celtic rock band, yesterday at Triskell celtic festival and I fell in love with their melodies and sound.

MaterDea born from a collaboration between two musicians, Simon Papa…

30 Days Song Challenge: Day 6

Day 6 – My friend Celine sent me this video a couple of months ago and I really loved it as video as style of music. I really love the concept and the meaning of…