Ariana Grande Is Getting Slammed For Calling Herself The Hardest Working 23-Year-Old

Oooh boy…is it ever tough being a celebrity. Every move you make is watched by millions of eagle eyes and whatever you say, even in passing as a joke, can literally be taken totally out of context and blown waaay out of proportion. Case in point, Ariana Grande posted to Instagram last weekend a black and… More »

Is Professionalism Dead?

As a 21 year old lady trying to gently push her way ( more like tap on the shoulder) through her dream career with as much…

Show Us Your Tatts: Featuring David Beckham

As you all know I am constantly posting about tattoos and music because those seem to be two of the main things in my life that I always love. I have done a few “Show Us Your Tatts” posts in the past featuring our faves and their ink! This time I am showing off David… More »

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