Traineeship Day 1: Irish Music, Cables And Microphones



Hello my dear Buzzneters,

I thought to start a little journal project about my traineeship in the hope you like it and since Buzznet…

Music Monday: Sound-alike Songs

You know when a song comes on the radio and it sounds exactly like something else? Not necessarily that an artist ripped anyone else off but the progression, or the melody, or that certain drum…

Britney Spears: Out & About 2012

After the huge success of the first gallery dedicated to all Britney’s news, with more than 1,200 posts, +450 buzzes, +240.000 total views and a few of featured, it’s time to celebrate this new year with another gallery and looking for a new album and exclusive stuff. Enjoy this travel in Britney Spears world! It’s… More »

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