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Films Every Music Lover Should See

Hi Buzznet Bugs! I’m a sucker for a good movie night and I’ve been watching lots of films. Music + movies go hand and hand, but what happens when you have a film about music? Well I’m in HEAVEN. Here are some of my favorite movies that every music lover should see at least once!… More »

Celeb’s 2012 Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at Buzznet! We love all the sweets, scary movies and most of all we love the costumes! The best part of Halloween is being able to dress up as whatever you want, even if it’s only for one day a year! It seems like every year the… More »

Amoeba Adventures: Gabbie Brown Share’s Her Favorite Records

I was able to head to Amoeba Records while I was out on the West Coast with Buzznet. As you can tell, I was a little over whelmed by the music…

What’s Your Favorite 80’s Album

Even though i didn’t grow up in the 80’s, the music from that era was still a huge part of my childhood. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite 80’s albums that…

A True Gentlemen Offers Us Free Music!

The guys of Honor Society are back at it again. Offering us another free download of a song called ‘All Night Long’. This tune has some Prince influences and takes me back to the days of

Happy 1st Anniversary William + Kate: My Fav Union Jack Stuff

So, as all of you know, I am a massive Princess Kate fan. I just love her. It’s been one year since the royal wedding (and 7 months since I went as Princess Kate for halloween!) I was searching through pinterest and noticed how many amazing union jack things are floating around, and I wanted… More »

14 Valentine’s Day Songs For Romantic Singles

In case you were unaware, Valentine’s Day is looming upon us all. It’s that one day of the year when all couples are forced to spend excessive amounts…

NYE Playlist: What To Sing To Ring In The New Year

New Year’s Eve. It’s just another night of the year, but it’s the last night night of the year. So which song do you want to be your last of 2011, and which do you…

Patrick Stump Covers Prince’s Kiss – Can We Have A Purple One Acapella Now Please?

Even the fact that Prince wants to make covers illegal doesn’t stop Patrick Stump paying homage to his idol. Back in 2008 he performed “I Wanna Be Your…

Patrick Stump’s Solo Album: Funky, Direct and Ready This Summer?

The golden egg in my email inbox this morning was a Q&A Spin Magazine did with Patrick Stump. In it he talks about themes emerging on his solo album, our culture’s ‘verbal diarrhea’ and his

The Artist Formally Known as Invisible EXPOSED!

Filed under: Wacky and Getting a shot of Prince’s face is as elusive as a smiling Jessica Alba — or at least it was, until last night.Even Jeremy Piven was shocked. See Also The Hidden Prince Prince Outfoxed TMZ Cameras … Read more from

Music Buzz 2/5

AOL is streaming Lifetime, Bloc Party, Apples in Stereo.FOB, The Killers, TBS on TV this week. (Absolutepunk)
M.I.A. calls her new track BIRD FLU “BECAUSE THIS BEAT GON KILL EVERYONE!!” (stereogum)Lily Allen on SNL. (popbytes)And… maybe…

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