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Proof Meghan Markle & Prince Harry are the Dream Royal Couple

Everyone’s favorite redheaded royal is officially off the market! That’s right, Prince Harry AKA the third in line for the British throne, has proposed to the absolutely stunning American-born actress you’ve probably seen on Suits, Meghan Markle! The team at Buzznet is dying over this engagement news because it means A) we have an American princess… More »

Meghan Markle is More Than Just Prince Harry’s Lady

Actress and former food blogger Meghan Markle graces the latest cover of Vanity Fair looking completely gorgeous. These days, Meghan is best known for snagging the world’s sexiest, most eligible bachelor, Prince Harry. This red-headed royal is all the things you want out of someone in line to be King… he’s a trained soldier, he… More »

Royal Family’s Portraits

Royal Family’s Portraits

DailyMail: It is a fascinating blend of well-trodden history and social mobility.

In Defense Of Scrunchies

Everything old is new again. It can’t be said enough. This latest trend, though, is sure to push some people overboard on the 90s trend bandwagon. The accessory once so universally hated it was…

Reasons To Love Prince Harry!

In honor of this dashing prince, I decided to create a gallery of some great pictures of Prince Harry and all the reasons why he is so loved! Who is your favorite Prince?

Get Pitched Slapped With The Hottest Young Hollywood News And Gossip!

As we inch closer to the October 5th release of Pitch Perfect, we’re keeping close tabs on everything that’s going on in young Hollywood! This week Taryn Ryder runs down all…

Adele Looks Gawgeous on the Cover of Glamour UK

British songstress Adele is looking particularly beautiful in floral in this month’s edition of Glamour Magazine UK. She keeps getting better, her hair is more lioness-ey…

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