This Is Why Politics Suck

Tomorrow is Inauguration Day. Now, depending on who you voted for – or if you even cared to vote at all (no judgement here) – this will either be a day of triumph or a day of never-ending hell. But isn’t that what politics are anyway? Just a load of bullshit a candidate promises in… More »

WATCH: Go On A Virtual Tour Of The White House

Friday marks the official end of President Obama‘s time in office and the beginning of the Trump administration. It’s a huge moment for America when the hands of power change, but one thing that remains the same is the White House, its signature architecture, and the rich history held inside. If you’re ever in Washington… More »

25 Extremely Patriotic President Tattoos

Happy President’s Day to America 🙂 What better way to celebrate the love for your country than getting a president tattoo?! These people paid tribute to their fave prez by getting inked up. From Abe Lincoln to Bill Clinton + many more we have found people with insane President tattoos! Take a look in the… More »

Proud To Be An AmerINKan: Presidential Tattoos

I know we are all SO excited to have an extra day off from school and work to be home and comfy check Buzznet. We can’t forget why though…today is President’s Day! A day to celebrate Washington’s Birthday of course. I have tattoos so I am of course a fan of them…I came across some… More »

10 Year Old Girl Writes A Letter About Gay Marriage To President Obama,And He Responds!

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This story tugged at my heartstrings. 10 year-old Sophia Bailey-Klugh had previously written a letter to President Obama, inviting him to her home for dinner. Although…


The X Factor released video spoofs just in time for the election! Demi Lovato, lame? L.A. Reid, old? Who has the best taste in music? Check out this promo to see why America’s Sweetheart Britney Spears is Right With Music, Right With America.

Britney Spears Tweets Obama

Britney Tweeted President Barack Obama a special message and video asking which presidential candidate has The X Factor! You have swagg!

That’s Entertainment: Top 5 Recap Of The Week

Every week we get such amazing content in the entertainment section of Buzznet: from who’s splitting up to who’s getting together, the latest on TV and movies as well as exclusive content – we have you all covered! Here are the top 5 things that happened in entertainment this week on Buzznet! Which one is… More »

Start Thinking About Tomorrow: Hillary in ’08

Filed under: Wacky and Hillary Clinton’s campaign put together a video to inspire people to vote for her campaign theme song — and it’s a “Sopranos” spoof. Senator Clinton even convinced the former leader of the free world to appear in her vid. Those carrot sticks?!? Get… Read more from

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