10 Beauty Products My Make Up Bag Is Aching For Right Now

Since you guys seem to really love it when I blog about beauty products, I thought I’d make a post about some items that my make up bag is aching for right now:) Most of these things I’ve used and loved and just ran out of but all of these products are irreplaceable for me…. More »

My favorite beauty products

The favorite beauty products post was so popular last week, I decided to do a part 2. Here u go babies – more good cheap stuff I love using.

Powder -Yellowcard

This was a bonus video included on the Underdog EP (Fueled By Ramen). Scott Culver directed it, he’s awesome. Oh, and this is a selfish post– I like this video because I’m in it. Haha. Otherwise, I don’t realllllly have a thing for fake vomit, or songs about drugs.

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