Poot Lovato Just Out Shined Demi In The Weirdest Way

When you’re a celebrity like Demi Lovato, you’re obviously going to deal with not-so-flattering photos, some Internet bullying, and frustration when something as stupid as a meme won’t go away. In Demi’s case, said annoyance is her fictitious twin sister Poot Lovato who stepped into the spotlight this past October. Sure we all know that… More »

Justin Bieber Has His Own Secret Twin Named Joob

I just can’t with this. Not too long ago we were all laughing about Demi Lovato‘s secret twin Poot who was made up from a distorted fan photo of Demi taken from a bad angle at a random meet and greet. Poot had apparently lived in Demi’s basement her whole life and once breaking free, started… More »

Demi Lovato Is NOT A Fan Of Her Twin Poot

So remember when I told you about that ridiculous rumor running around that Demi Lovato had a secret twin named Poot who apparently had been living in Demi’s basement? Yeah, I thought so…how could anyone forget?! Anyway, we all obviously knew it was something ridiculous conjured up by a fan/hater who had a distorted looking… More »

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