I Miss Those Days as the Years Go By

When you’re a child, you idolize grownups and teenagers. You lie in your bed every night, imagining how glamourous life as an adult or teenager will be, since you will be…

Behind The Scenes Of Magical Editorial

I had the most amazing editorial shoot the other day and can not wait for the photos to be released! Butterfly’s, glitter, snow, pony hair, fairy clothing… Everything anyone could dream of.

My Little Pony Tattoos

Growing up it was very common for girls to have atleast one My Little Pony. And when you had one, you became obsessed. They were a huge fad and still to this day are popular. I have even seen new commercials for them with a slightly altered version of what we would buy back in… More »

Weekly Inspirations

This week’s inspirations are full of amazing hair, watermelon treats, jelly fish dreams and my little pony everything! LAST WEEKS INSPIRATIONS

Planet Blues New Look Book Makes My Little Pony Envious

This new Planet Blue lookbook is so amazing on so many levels. If this doesnt want to make you stock up on all things mexican blanket print… then I don’t know what will! Feeling like I want to bust out the purple dye, glitter, crimping iron and run for the hills… no, but seriously.

Why I Hate The Internet – Dancing Alone To Pony On Tumblr

Sometimes I like the internet. Mostly those times can be explained by the following:

1. Photos of cats

2. Unicorns (the dog that’s hating it’s life is just an

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