My New Poem: The Restless Mind

Infinity pain inside my veinsOverdose fear cut me again I can’t say, I can’t feel Just be like a cold statue Unexplored, priceless moments from my lifeProducing vision of this worldLowlands scream a loudAnd logic is dead Doom my lifeSkin is blue Poisonous world killed a little girl The restless mind


Hi, I want to show you my new poem. Hope that you will like it 🙂
Many love,F


Blue blood flows in our veins
You can’t…


“RECOVERY” this is my last poem. I recorded to it my voice and uploaded special for you on YouTube.


I fill a room with rose petals
and watch them die.
Curled up,
dry and blackened.
A thousand little
bitter hearts
spread across the floor

You paint an
artificial garden
on the wall.<br…

Crying On This Floor


Crying here,

On this floor,

Crying now,

Because I know that its no more,



You broken my soul,

Left me broken hearted,

You decieved my trust,

And left before I could even get started,



I cried for you,

Here on this floor,

I cried tha…

Sorrow ( poem I wrote =’] )

No matter how hard I try it never seems to be good enough,
No one said life was easy but I didn’t realize it was going to be this tough,
The world is so hungry and cold,

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