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Pizza Pizza

Inspired by my recent witch post, here’s a pic of me eating pizza whilst looking witchy (two of my favorite activities). Photo by Tolga Katas.

Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Pizza Topping?

I think we’ve done a pizza QOTD before but I don’t know how specific it was. Pizza toppings are very specific and they say a lot about you. They let the world know how delicious…


Well so the guys wanted to give Bruce his Bachelor/Stag party before the wedding on thursday to Missy. They decided it would be a PIZZA PARTY since the Reverend Vlad was coming to perform the wedding. Vlad is Flojo, E-Moe and Sindy’s father so the guys wanted to keep it low key and not have… More »

Stone Cold Fox with a Pizza Hat

This kid is definitely going places.


We had this pizza on friday and it was so good !!!! This is for the Buzznet assignment D is For Delicious. I just had to share this with you, well on the screen at least 😀 Red Onions on the left and Pepperoni on the right !!!!!

Pizza, music & a lot of fun

Yesterday night was one of the most beautiful night I spent in my life. With my partners class of music of the university organized a pizza party at Matteo’s home. Even though falled a lot…

Coco Called & Wants Chanel Back

I spent the day at Amoeba digging through old records to decorate a wall in my house. Im creating a backdrop for my Nylon Magazine shoot this week. Somewhere…

Pizza Party.

We had our first bad experience with ordering in pizza last night!

Yeah, it got to about 7:30 & my dad decided that pizza was necessary since we had nothing else to eat in the house,…


Just a little break from my butterflies, squirrels and scenery. I haven’t been posting my food lately and I have saved up lots of pizza shots. But because they can all look the same I thought it was time to SPICE them up with Paint Shop LOL


Would You Ever: Bizarre Vending Machines

As I was lurking around the internet today, I came across an article on Gawker which informed me that there is now a burrito vending machine in Los Angeles called the “Burrito Box.” While I was aghast at this abomination to all things burrito-y, I then looked on in awe because I remembered that I… More »

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