The Real Pirates of the Caribbean

Seeing as how Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides washes ashore today, I thought it would be fitting to create a gallery chalk full of dirty folk that looked like sad versions of Jack Sparrow. That, however, didn’t exactly happen because I found something a million times more awesome and you’re going to like… More »

Death Or Glory

I suddenly want to grow, dye, twist, dread and braid my hair. Treasure…

Arrrr! Ke$ha’s “Virginal Punk Rock Pirate” Photo Shoot

“Life is like a pirate ship.”  Watch Ke$ha wax philosophic, paddle a canoe, get her honky-tonk on and spend four hours in hair and make-up to look like she’s just lived in a cave for…

Captain Jack Sparrow Leads Kids in Hygienic Mutiny

Have you ever been sitting in a boring class and imagined, I dunno, Johnny Depp just suddenly walking in, in character as Jack Sparrow, and taking over your class?

Well, yeah, we’ve all had…



Ahoy Land Lubbers! International Talk Like A Pirate Day Is Nigh!

Avast, me hearties! That’s right; you’ve read correctly. International Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19! Get ready to walk the plank, scallywags! With that being said, what will you be doing to commemorate

September 19th – International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Avast fine children of Buzznet, I not be makin’ this one up!

I’ve discussed this with some of you skallywags in advance, (and we’ll have some treats for you, hopefully) but by the…

Arrrrrr, Mateys!

If’in ye don’t know, today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

The Threat of Guyliner

While I am, in fact, a FAN of guyliner, this DoubleViking article was a hilarious read. I can’t even effectively sum it up from you, you’re just going to have to go read it….

Wednesday Buzz 5/23

Cuteness of the day: Violet Garner Affleck playin‘ (seriouslyomg)

Adrian Grenier and his real entourage… of bookworms. (tralala)

Nicole Richie <a…

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