New Year = New Thoughts. Get inspired!

2013 flew before my eyes. I never regret much, but one thing from the past year is that I didn’t sit in the moments as much as  I should of. I am not going to…

10 Best Job Interview Hair Styles

A student emailed me yesterday asking if she should wear her hair up or down for interviews. My go-to style for interviews or business meetings is typically either straight and down, curly but not “out of control”, or top knot. Here are some of my favorite Pinterest Pictures from my IQ BEAUTY Pinterest Board. Which… More »

4 Big Social Media MISTAKES!!

We all hear about social media day in and day out. Did you see my pics on Facebook? Did you Tweet me? Have you seen her Pinterest board? While it’s great to be involved and learning how to best use each network, you want to make sure that you don’t make any mistakes that could… More »

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