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A Bald Move

Reblogged from Life and Dreams

I’ve recently come across an article talking about the latest trend to hit the Tokyo Fashion Scene. This trend is amongst…

Kelly Eden: Model


Kelly Eden

Kelly Eden is an alternative model, with bright pink hair and amazing art skills. She has a great personality, and has appeared in numerous Tattoo magazines, and is famous for her work…

The Perfect Dirty Blonde

That hair color! The perfect dirty pink in comparison to dirty blonde. I never thought of doing…

Chinatown In The 90’s


Bed Head

Its a lose messy ponytail, bed head, all natural kinda day for me, I lightened my hair so its white/pink now! I love it, looks like candy floss.

A Hard Days Night

Me and my friend Dyaln on my roof last week. We were ment to dress 60s that night and I ended up looking 80s somehow.…

Interview & Editorial Let The Good Times Roll


Charlotte Free… The New Pink Kate Moss?

Charlotte Free is one of the new models everyone has been talking about during fashion week, pink hair and 5’7? Love it.

Lady Gaga Does Vogue

Im not the biggest Gaga fan, BUT with that said sometimes she does some next level stuff that is out of this world. The super short pink hair? Bravo… hardly anyone could pull that off and it looks beautiful on her. sorry for blurry photo is a leaked picture.

French Playboy

I had to censor the photo and let people know that THIS IS NOT ME. If someone has pink hair it doesn’t automatically mean its me. I like to pretend the world isn’t so stupid sometimes, it makes me feel better about living in it. Amazing…. the French know whats up. America should take some… More »

Get The Look: Gothic Lace

Dress: Lazy Bones Vintage ( not listed yet ), Leopard Cuff: Marc Jacobs, Heels: Miu Miu, Chocker: Yard Sale, Hat: Vintage Dior, Belt: DIY

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Video Diary From Tokyolux Shoot

I took the camera to show you guys what the shoot was like from my point of view ♥

Chunky Knit Dress To Die For

If owned this dress I would wear it for all of January… It might be a good thing that I don’t.

Hayley Williams Pink Hair

I saw a bunch of tweets about Hayley Williams pink hair & makeup so I had to check it out for my self. YIKES on the makup….but that outfit…

Strawberries & Lipstick

Jacket Vest: Stole It From My Boyfriend

Strawberries and an over load of makeup for breakfast.…

Lily Allen: Stuck on the Naughty Step

It’s been awhile since we’ve caught up with our favorite U.K. poptart/punch-thrower Lily Allen. The last time we chatted about her, she was a bottle blond testing out some of her poignant

Middle School Girl Suspended for Pink Hair

7th grader Amelia Robbins got suspended from school for having pink hair. Amelia is no Audrey Kitching superfan — she dyed her hair pink in honor of her dad, who died of cancer when she

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