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Prom Redo!

Last night I got to attend Prom For Hope at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. Got to see Nat and Sean DJ from 3OH!3, andI also got to sit down with them before and get the inside scoop of their Prom do’s and don’ts! Here are a few pictures I took! Stay tuned for the… More »

Sexy Band Boys With Tattoos

A while ago, I asked all of my moonbeam subscribers (if you are not a subscriber yet, go here and sign up) what they wanted to see more in my blogs. Some said makeup, books and advice. Someone said “more picutres of sexy band boys with tattoos” and I thought, YES! that is what all… More »

Mark Hoppus Turns 40! Who Will He Celebrate With?!

Mark Hoppus is best known as being one third of the most influential and admired bands in music, Blink-182. Mark also has his hands in fashion, social media and even hosts is own music talk show on FUSE. Between working with new artist, touring and his show, Hoppus On Music, Mark knows A LOT of… More »

Want To Party Like Pete Wentz? Now You Can!

Rocker Pete Wentz knows a thing or two about throwing a great party! Black Cards hottie has thrown parties all around the world, oftentimes playing host, DJ, performer…

Download Black Cards’ New Mixtape For Free

Curious as to how Black Cards are going to sound without the voice of Bebe Rexha or the original lyrics of Pete Wentz? Me too.

<img src=""…

Black Cards Reveal Mixtape Tracklist

Earlier this month, Pete Wentz pet project Black Cards dropped the bomb that they’d be continuing on as a DJ duo, sans their sultry singer Bebe Rexha.

So what…

Pete Wentz Talks To CNN

Breaking news: some of us over here on Buzznet are fans of Pete Wentz.

Okay, that’s not breaking news, and there’s not really any breaking news in this interview that Wentz, 32, did with,…

Bebe Rexha And Pete Wentz Comment On The Black Cards Situation

Fans were fairly surprised when news broke that Black Cards had parted ways with their vocalist Bebe Rexha.  The news came after Black Cards had released a series of remixes and Bebe…

Black Cards Move On Without Bebe Rexha

Big news for fans of Pete Wentz‘s side project Black Cards! According to a January 11th update on the group’s Facebook page, Bebe Rexha is out, while Pete…

Bebe Rexha- Champagne

My lovely friend, Bebe Rexha recently released a new track of her own titled ‘Champagne’. I personally LOVE IT. Bebe is mostly known for being the lead singer of the band ‘Black Cards’ featuring Pete Wentz. –What do you think of her new track?!

Is Pete Wentz Going to Be a Dad… Again?

Since his son with ex-wife Ashlee Simpson was born, Pete Wentz has proven to be quite the father to Bronx Mowgli. It’s been very touching to see…

Black Cards Remix Major Lazer ‘Original Don’

Just because Fall Out Boy is taking a break from the spotlight doesn’t mean the guys aren’t caught up with their own personal projects. Pete Wentz, along with Spencer Peterson, formerly of Saves The Day, has been busy with his new group, Black Cards, and just released a remix of Major Lazer’s “Original Don” Check… More »

2011’s Funniest Faces Of Hollywood

It’s refreshing to see celebrities caught on camera making a funny face. Whether it’s intentional or just a moment of honest expression, it’s awesome to know they’re just like us. Who do you think makes the funniest face? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to check out these other awesome galleries! Buzznet’s Fashion… More »

Pete Wentz: 2011 Year In Review

Pete Wentz described 2011 as the “weirdest year of [his] entire existence”, but it wasn’t ‘weird’ in the sense that many had predicted back in twenty-ten. There was a general assumption that this year would result in the debut album of Black Cards, and therefore the re-invention of Pete Wentz outside Fall Out Boy would… More »

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz: Officially Divorced!

To those who secretly (and not-so-secretly!) hoped that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz would get back together and nix their divorce, I have some very bad news…

Fall Out Boy Gets FUCT In The Hall of Fame

Previously, with the help of Patrick Stump, we were told that the most recent Fall Out Boy news was that there WAS no Fall Out Boy news.

However, that has changed.  Slightly.  No, don’t get…

Fall Out Boy: Two Years On From The “H-Word”

For many British popular-rock fans, Kerrang! magazine is an enjoyable weekly read but two years ago, there was one issue that didn’t exactly put smiles on everyone’s faces.…

Blink-182 Covers War: All Time Low Versus Good Charlotte And More

During Blink-182’s hiatus, it became super-cool and soooo retro to play a Blink song and now that they’re back it’s remained super-cool and soooo retro but also current at the same time. All Time Low…

Dear Pete Wentz

I see you getting a ticket, and that sucks.

However, I have a question:

Why is your gf in the backseat?

Is she playing a game of peekaboo with the paparazzi? (<a…

5 Reasons Why We Love Ashlee Simpson

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to Ashlee Simpson today! The actress/singer turns the big 2-7 today and how amazing it’s been to see her grow up. Long…

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