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Skelanimals/Peta2 Photo Shoot


two more days of aspen, and then im back home in los angeles. i tried snowboarding two days ago and ended up twisting my ankle. so now i have to wear an ankle brace and…

Blecchhhhh: Peta’s new anti-fur ad.

Maybe I’m just having one of those days where its extraordinarily easy to gross me out (hello, Kat McPhee french kisses her dog!), but then I saw this. It wasn’t the first site I’d seen…

Olsens Furry in France

Filed under: Fashion Police, Mary-Kate/Ashley Fashionista beasties Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were snapped wrapped in fur as they capped a Paris trip, and MK has not scrapped her witch boots! Crapuleux!Ashley, who made PETA’s… from

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