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pezz purple

From Tarina’s Tokyo Hardcore party.

in Britney’s memory..

Ross the Intern Hits C Major

Filed under: Paparazzi Perez Hilton, looking like the hobbit who fell through a thrift shop, and Ross (still) the Intern, were outside of the US Weekly event at Opera last night, where Ross showed off his powerful pipes. P-nasty was recording the twosome as they swapped… Read more from

Thieving Gossip Blogger Counter-Sues, Gears Up For Battle

(Flynet) Captain “Shiteous” has filed a countersuit against one of the photo agencies that’s sueing him for stealing so many photos over the years. I don’t think his ass had a receipt. His suit claims that photo agency X-17 hires “illegal aliens” to intimidate the other photogs and that they also… from

Tuesday Buzz 6/26

Paula Abdul has a new reality show. Hmm. (PopBytes)

Does anyone think it’s odd that Angelina hasn’t told Brad “I love you”? Anyone? Anyone? (wwtdd via tasj)


Music Stuff 5/2

Elliott Smith rarities. (thepunkguy)

Billy Joel vs. Perez Hilton. (Radar)

MCR and Panic! team up. (NME)

Metric is working on a new album! (NME)

Tuesday Buzz 4/24

Grading last night’s Heroes return. I’m SO GLAD it’s back. (


Sanjaya did the Letterman Top Ten last night. (Pop Bytes)

Britney’s bringin’ abs back. (Evil Beet)

Deep Thoughts…

Monday Buzzed 3/26

Perez Hilton goes Blue. (celebritysmack) Britney Spears alive and wiggin. (IBBB)
You totally want to know how the Win A Date With Brody Jenner is going. Don’t lie. (Us)Happy Birthday Keira Knightley! (Allie is Wired)
Lindsay wants…

Music Stuff 3/5

Pete Wentz… er, Clandestine Industries for DKNY.Nelly Furtado vs. Fergie. (ONTD)Perez Hilton will be on TRL this week. If that JT/ScarJo video we’re real, someone would need a lawyer. (Idolator)

sidekick part 2!

Perez Hilton, Clint Catalyst, & Jeffree Star

at Avalon, Hollywood CA

Perez Hilton & Jstar at East/West

Rhinestone sisters

Jstar & Perez Hilton @ World of Wonder party

– Taken at 7:28 AM on December 09, 2006 – cameraphone upload by ShoZu

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