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EXCLUSIVE: Simon Cowell Talks About Justin Bieber’s ‘X Factor,’ Favoring Adele, And Casting Charlie Sheen

Let it be known that, contrary to popular belief, <span style="font-size:…

Happy Awkward Moment Day!: 5 Of The Most Awkward Moments On TV

Ever had an awkward moment? Of course you have. Everyone has – in fact, you’re probably not human if you’ve said no. But ever had it in front of millions of people on…

Paula Abdul Makes A Frantic Call To 911

It happened on Valentine’s Day but TMZ has just obtained the recording of Paula Abdul making a tearful, frantic call to 911 repeatedly screaming “Drop…

Another Steller Sneak Peek of a New Episode of “Hey Paula”

Paula visits David Letterman’s late night talk show and has an encounter outside of the CBS studios with a very enthused fan in tonight’s episode of “Hey Paula”. The poor girl is hysterical and completely beside herself upon meeting Paula. Bless her heart, she’s barely able to speak when faced…

Tuesday Buzz 6/26

Paula Abdul has a new reality show. Hmm. (PopBytes)

Does anyone think it’s odd that Angelina hasn’t told Brad “I love you”? Anyone? Anyone? (wwtdd via tasj)


Thursday Buzz 5/31

IBBB brings you “Am I Wrong?” Part III! Hahahah.

Jessica Alba is wrong. But at least she isn’t all, “Ohmygod, I’m so beautiful it hurts my career.” (INO)


Paula Abdul Trips Over Dog, Breaks Nose

Paula Abdul has broken her nose after tripping over her pet Chihuahua. The ‘American Idol’ judge, who was trying to avoid stepping on her tiny pooch, Tulip, ended up falling flat on her face on Saturday (05.19.07). Paula told US TV show ‘Extra’: “I took a nasty fall trying not to hurt my dog….

Friday Buzz 4/20

Fashionista recaps Top Model.

E’rybody Cam Diaz in the club gettin’ tipsy. (Holy Candy)

Happy 4/20 from your fav celebs. (Evil Beet)

Well hey,…

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