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Hot Or Not: Rumer Willis Gets Summer Hair Makeover

Earlier this summer, Rumer Willis was flirting with the pastel hair trend. But now, it seems the actress has taken the plunge with this summer…

Nicole Richie Is A Magical Springtime Fashion Fairy

Nicole Richie never misses a fashion beat. The designer, 32, recently dyed her hair lavender, making it officially the most pervasive trend of the season (everyone

Pastel Hair

Pastel Hair,Hairdos and Hairstyles.

Style Icon- Colette Carr

Her new music that she previewed at Cherrytree London (we went over my cherrytree bias a few posts back) IS AMAZING. Her first mixtape had a COUPLE hits. And yea when I first googled her a few months back I was like, “ok, some rich white girl from MALIBU who does hiphop.”–NO, not at all… More »

Hair Chameleon: Kelly Osbourne

There are few people who have changed their hair more than Kelly Osbourne! Personally I think she’s a hairstyle queen since she can easily rock so many different cuts and colors. I put together an evolution of Kelly’s hairstyles for you to admire and even attempt to duplicate! It’s hard for me to chose a… More »

Spring 2012 Wardrobe Predictions

I’ve been looking around at stores, and judging by the prints I’m seeing, I’d say “animal” and “floral” are gonna be huge in 2012. Here are 7 of my predictions for Spring 2012.

Here are some…

Painted Pastel Hair at Thakoon!

Thakoon’s Spring 2012 runway show was probably my favorite, not only because of the colorful paisleys, but also because of pastel locks each model sported. Stylists applied colored pomade to each girl’s updo, creating a…

Hot or Not?

Ombre hair, dip-dye hair, “hella long roots,” rainbow hair…whatever you want to call it, gradated locks are rampant this fall. 

Katie Shillingford, editor of Dazed and Confused


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