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Brit’s Gift: Paris’ Big F**K You to Billboard

Filed under: Britney and Kevin, Paris Hilton, Let’s Get This Party Apparently, Paris Hilton has some sort of standards: she won’t belittle her friends on Monday night’s Billboard Music Awards. The heiress is following… from

Paris To Brit: Go Ahead, Let It All Hang Out

Filed under: Britney and Kevin, Let’s Get This Party It seems little miss Brit is hanging out – literally — with Paris Hilton a bit too much these days. On Friday, Spears was spotted… from

Paris: Don’t You Try and Blackmail Me!

Filed under: Features, Let’s Get This Party Paris Hilton may be a little, um, forgetful from time to time, but there’s one lesson her daddy taught her that she always remembers: If you capitulate… from

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