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Blood Painted Roses Part 12



If you run away now,
Will you come back around?
And if you ran away,
I’d still wave goodbye
watching you shine bright.

Now I think we’re taking this too far
don’t you know that it’s…

Paramore has new Album, world tour on deck ;)

Paramore has new album, world tour on deck

March 02, 2007 12:12 PM

Pop-punk/emo band Paramore (tickets |…

More funny clips of paramore

Hayley:Your butt does stick out pretty far Haha.

Funny clips of Paramore!

I couldn’t stop laughing when it was Josh’s clips. -gracie

Paramore’s New C.D “RIOT”


Posted by Scott Heisel on 20-Apr-07 @ 06:16 PM

After calling in a few favors, trading off some rare vinyl and loaning our…

Paramore’s performance cut short by a fire alarm

lol. That’s so funny the dude is like trying to tell them there’s a fire alarm going off and they Zac was still playing and all. Gah, that sucks so bad. Josh and Jeremy are all like “Oh Snap!” lol

“Born for this” by Paramore

Here it is. It’s awesome. It rocks my world. It rocks my socks. It own you all =P LISTEN!!

“Born For This” new song by Paramore

***Oh wowee this song is so good. I’m already in love with “riot” and I haven’t heard the whole thing yet xD AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This song is amazing. The gang vocals are great. I can’t express…

Paramore Webisode 3

haha “Oh shoot..there it is!”

Naked Pictures of Brendon!!!

…HA! Gotcha ya! You sickos!! Lol. You guys really think we’d post such vulgar and disgusting things?? Pfft, only on myspace, DUH! lol jaykay.
Ok, I’m Annette, and I’m one of the writers of Blood Painted Roses…

Blood Painted Roses…

We need banners with pictures of Hayley Williams and Pete Wentz. We’ll appreciate it if you make a simple banner for us, because we are in great need of them. SO START WORKING ON THEM!

Paramore Rockin Out

Hayley is soo rockin’ out here with her cute little dance and seriously rad headbanging. For sure 😉

Blood Painted Roses: *Part 10*



Blood Painted Roses: *Part 10*

<SPAN style="COLOR: rgb(51,153,102);…

Hayley and Josh Rock and Roll hall of Fame Interview

This interview is reeeally good!

Blood Painted Roses: *Part 9*

                          Blood Painted Roses: *Part 9*   *****This part is for neeshaxcrazy, cuz she has literally been going crazy for this to actually be posted. Well here it is, so enjoy! =D We love you!!…

Blood Painted Roses *Part 8*

                                    *Hayley’s P.O.V*

I decided to take a bus to Adam’s house. I didn’t have a clear clue as to where it was located, but the bus…

Josh and Zac Farro singing Backstreet Boys with some tour manager!!

HAHAHAHAHA I adore josh and zac, they make backstreet boys krunk!! josh forgets the words in the middle lol

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