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Can You Spot The Difference?

Poshmark: Steal Hayley Williams’s Style!

Poshmark is the absolute best way to buy and sell clothes over the internet. Poshmark has a 100% fool proof system (as long as you’re following all the rules) and an…

Is Hayley Williams The Next Karen O?

With Hayley Williams recent style transformation, I couldn’t help but notice she’s been taking on many of the same style traits and even moves as the lovely Karen O of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs! This thought was finally solidified with Hayley’s new haircut! I know not everyone loves change, but you can be anybody you… More »

8 Music Videos To Get You Ready For Back To School

Sorry kids, summer is over. But, these music videos will make the high school (or college) hallways seem a lot cooler when you head back.

A Tearful Tribute And Twerking: Teen Choice Awards Highlights

Last night was the Teen Choice Awards, and there were plenty of noteworthy moments. From Lea Michele‘s sweet speech, to any and everything Harry Styles did, the show was packed with entertainment. Here are some…

Paramore Perform ‘Still Into You’ At 2013 Teen Choice Awards

Well they killed it! Paramore had an amazing performance during this year’s Teen Choice Awards. Take a look below.

Love her little strech before that big note. #musicrules. 

[kaltura id=0_188q3kbo autoplay=0…

Breaking News: A Paramore Baby Is On The Way!

This is SO exciting! Jeremy Davis, bassist for our fave band, Paramore told the world via Twitter today that he and his wife, Kat, are expecting a baby girl! 

Since he exceeded…

Summer Bummer: Some ‘Band’ Ruins Paramore’s ‘Ain’t It Fun’

I am all up for artistic interpretation. Taking something and making it yours is part of what makes the art world go ’round. I’m okay with that. Well, usually I am okay with that. The…

Paramore Share Self-Titled Session ONE

Paramores Self-Titled Tour is going be AMAZING! To get…

Paramore Get Barbie Make-Over In ‘Fast In My Car’ Music Video

Although Aqua first sang about being a ‘Barbie Girl‘ in the nineties and Nicki Minaj frequently describes herself as the…

Music Monday Playlist!

Helloooo!!! I’ve been a little off the radar, but wanted to come back strong with a MUSIC MONDAY playlist for you guys!!! It’s a totally random list including new songs from…

Artist Spotlight: A Q&A With Crystalyne

Crystalyne has two things I love – a strong female voice and lyrics with a “hey! Listen up!” attitude. This four-piece alternative band from Toronto, Canada recently popped up my radar and after spending a good amount…

Lyrics Rule: Paramore’s ‘Last Hope’

Keep your eyes down, and the volume up. There are days you just want to put on your headphones, close the door to your room and soak in music. Listen to a story paired with a nice melody you can hum along to and later turn to when you need it. There are lyrics you… More »

Youtube Evolution Of: William Beckett

Hey all, 

It’s been a little bit since I did a Youtube Evolution on here BUT I am really pumped on this one! This evolution is on our lovely and talented Buzzmaker; William Beckett!

WE LOVE MERCH: 47 Awesome Paramore T-Shirts

I love collecting and looking back at band t-shirts. I have way too many. It’s always fun to see how lyrics inspire t-shirt design and Paramore is the perfect band to use as an example. Here’s some old shirts and some more recent shirts to see how their look has changed over the years. And… More »

When Bands ‘Cover’ Their Own Songs

Readers of my blog will be familiar with ‘Covers Wars‘ when bands battle against each other playing different versions of the same song. But what do we call it when the original

Paramore Promote New System To Protect YOU

For Paramore‘s new Self-Titled Tour, the band has implemented a new system to help protect their fans from being taken advantage of. The new ticketing system basically makes it impossible for…

My Concert Memories

I know we all love to go to concerts and see bands play! I recently wrote a column about…

The Best Panic! At The Disco Mashups

Greater Than‘s mashup of Panic! At The Disco‘s new single ‘Miss Jackson‘ and Fall Out Boy‘s comeback track ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark‘ is…

What Do Ronnie Radke And Avril Lavigne Have In Common?

Ladies and gentlemen, I have officially shot my first music video! The experience over all was extremely eye…

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