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Happy Birthday Desert Island Discs – Here’s My Selection

Today the iconic radio show Desert Island Discs celebrates its 70th anniversary. Throughout the years, the BBC Radio 4 edition has heard favourite songs from anyone and everyone including veteran actors, prime ministers and…

My Fave Songs of 2011

I managed to whittle it down to a list of 35!

Are any of these songs on YOUR best of 2011 list?

2011, Music and Me

After reading many end of year lists, I realised there was something missing from them – my opinion. So here’s my own personal list of 2011’s highlights, because nobody else was going to write it…

Panic! at the Disco are Dreaming of a ‘White Christmas’

Christmas Eve isn’t until tomorrow, but Panic! at the Disco has let us open one gift super early.  The band, who had a busy 2011, posted a cover of “White Christmas.”

<img src=""…

Panic! at the Disco 2011 Round-Up/Picture Party!

It’s been a busy year for Panic! at the Disco. They released their first album following the departure of Ryan Ross and Jon Walker, toured non-stop, broke hearts (and ankles) and danced. Oh, how they danced.

Blink-182 Covers War: All Time Low Versus Good Charlotte And More

During Blink-182’s hiatus, it became super-cool and soooo retro to play a Blink song and now that they’re back it’s remained super-cool and soooo retro but also current at the same time. All Time Low…

Panic! At The Disco 11/5/11 in Grand Rapids, MI

My Autumn 2011 Playlist

In those two last months I listened a lot of new music and new songs so I decided to don’t create a chart but a simple playlist with the official videos or about the performances…

NIGHTWISH – “Imaginaerum” – Making Of The Album

Tuomas Holopainen gives you some insight into the making of Nightwish’s upcoming album “Imaginaerum”. Also featuring some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the film set!

EXCLUSIVE: Nightwish “Storytime” Teaser

Ok, I almost died when I watched this! Nightwish FINALLY come back! I really love Nightwish since 2004 and I already have seen them in 2009 and I’m planning to go in Milan in April 2012 for to see them again! This is the teaser of their new single “Storytime”, world premiere on Nov 11…. More »

Foster The People Covers War: The Kooks V Panic! At The Disco V Weezer AND MORE

Foster The People’s Pumped Up Kicks was one of this year’s biggest hits and it looks like it may be claiming the title of most covered song of 2011 too. Yesterday, Mashable posted a <a…

Panic! at the Disco Release a Lyric Video for ‘Mercenary’

So, Panic! at the Disco is among a number of awesome bands featured on Arkham City: The Album, a release that goes along with the hit video game Batman: Arkham City

Panic’s contribution is titled “mercenary”…

10 Music Videos To Help Inspire Your Halloween Costume

Still haven’t decided what Halloween costume to wear? Have the extensive collection of inspiration galleries on BUZZNET not helped you to decide? Well fear not because like you, I’m still unsure about what I’ll be…

Adele Covers War: Katy Perry V Panic! At The Disco

Reblogged from amyjoebloggs

With Adele being the biggest artist right now and all that, she’s certainly influencing many other musicians (although The Guardian have been less than favorable about…

Adele Covers War: Katy Perry V Panic! At The Disco

With Adele being the biggest artist right now and all that, she’s certainly influencing many other musicians (although The Guardian have been less than favorable about the wave of “New Boring” she has…

There’s a Song For This: Makin’ BABIEZ

Today in pop culture news, reality phenomena and newlywed Kim Kardashian says she wants to have kids in a year. Riveting information, I know. But look, kids, we can take this opportunity to do…

The Perfect Playlist For A Lone Weekend

My friend and co-administrator of Lost in the Stereo group, Antigoni, sent me a message, talking about the last week challange she thought “The Perfect Playlist For A Lone Weekend”, a playlist from…


On Monday I asked you for suggestions for songs for zombies, and you guys answered!  Here’s the great mix of songs you gave us for Buzznet’s Halloween 2011 Zombie Playlist!

Zombie Me by No More Kings


Oct 3rd, 2011 – Britney Live In Zurich, CH // A Dream Came True… Literally

Hello guys,

finally I come back home and I can tell you everything about those last special days, if someone of you already don’t know where I’ve been, well, I was in…

Fave Lyrics from Panic at the Disco’s Vices and Virtues


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