BONUS: Buzznet Music Editor Breesays

Here is our very own Breesays showing all the pageant girls out there HOW IT’S DONE! No creepy fake teeth, spray tan or hair pieces needed… AND she won the title of queen!

29 Creepy Toddlers in Tiaras

If you are as fascinated and obsessed with the TLC show “Toddlers in Tiaras” as I am, then what you are about to see will be a welcome delight. Pageant moms and pageant people in general have made their child-beauty standard something between porcelain doll and a satan-devil doll from hell. There are all kind… More »

Yodeling Ventriloquist Dummies Invade The Miss America Pageant

After watching Miss USA last night I began to reflect on all of the classic pageant flub moments that are slowly building up and filling the internet with hours of laughs.…

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