8 Festival Fashion Trends To Embrace

Coachella weekend #1 has come to a close. As thousands of people leave the desert hungover and sunburnt with mild hearing loss, us regular folk are left scrolling through Instagram and blogs for all the exciting updates. That, or we’re silently judging all the wild ensembles festival goers deemed appropriate for their 3-day adventure. While… More »

I’m Overall OBSESSED!

The one thing I seriously HATED wearing as a child is now one of my absolute favorite trends! From your basic denim to super chic leather, overalls are back – And I’m so excited! Here are a few of my favorite looks!

Fashion Spotlight: Overalls Are Back!

Yep! You guessed it! The overalls are back trending for 2014 and I’m all about it! Just in time for summer, check out this gallery full of great outfits that even you can put together with your fave pair of overalls! Enjoy!

Get Your Grunge On: How To Style The Trends You’ll Be Wearing This Season

Grunge. Our parents probably aren’t that excited about this trend’s revival. But the resurence of this ’90s trend has unapologetically returned. But the goal isn’t to dress in a Kurt Cobain costume. It’s all about taking trendy pieces and making them modern and fresh. Three of the trendiest looks for fall are Doc Martens (a… More »

Hot Or Not: Rita Ora’s Overalls And White Boots

Rita Ora is always game to try the latest trends. This time, she’s pairing overalls with white, cutout western boots and a beanie. The boots are winter white, with cutouts and lacing. The…

Weekly Fashion Trend: Dressing Up Overalls

Hey friends! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! (: So I am currently in love with dressing up overalls. It can looks SO trendy and chic, I love the idea of somthing delecate with something a litle messy and not so dressy. The contrast is so adorable and sassy. I think heels and overalls… More »

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