outside lands 2011

The Decemberists at Outside Lands 2011

The Decemberists have some of the most amazing lyrics ever. They also know how to play the hell out of their instruments and really get a crowd going. If you want to check out how talented they are, head on over and listen to their song titled “The Mariner’s Revenge Song.”

Major Lazer at Outside Lands 2011

I can’t even begin to explain what was happening on stage with this group but JFC they were all that and a pickle in a bag. There was dancing, jumping, climbing on stuff, and their dancer friend was able to put her leg behind her head and I was kind of jealous.

Little Dragon at Outside Lands 2011

Little Dragon is amazing. If you haven’t heard them yet, you probably should becuase, well, you’ll just have to trust me. The end. I hope you have enjoyed the intro to this gallery. Sandwich.

Julieta Venegas at Outside Lands 2011

Julieta Venegas plays the Sutro Stage at this year’s Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco.

The Black Keys: Outside Lands 2011

The Black Keys brought not only their sound but a giant tire and tiki statue to the Polo Fields at this year’s Outside Lands Festival. For only consisting of two members, the blues rock duo from Akron, Ohio managed to drown out the crowd and make their presence felt throughout the fest.

OK GO: Outside Lands 2011

Best known for the jaw dropping videos, OK GO commended the attention of the masses at San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival. To announce their recent partnership with Google for their latest interactive video, OK GO showed up in suits that were colored like the Google logo.

Sia: Outside Lands 2011

Having released her 2010 album We Are Born and overcoming various health issues which almost caused her retirement from touring, Sia’s brings her indefinable sound to San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival. Sia was all smiles for the crowd. She even brought along some colorful blankets for the stage set up.

MGMT: Outside Lands 2011

Still on the heels of their 2010 release Congratulations, MGMT played the Polo Field at Outside Lands 2011. This collective of musicians, often heralded as the poster children of neo-psychedelic prog rock, calmed the hacky sack playing masses but couldn’t get those working their hula hoops to stand still.

Outside Lands 2011: The Sunday Playlist

I am assuming that Sunday will be a day of mixed feelings. While there are some awesome acts that shall grace the stages at Outside Lands, it is also the last day. The gourmet…

Outside Lands 2011: The Saturday Playlist

Saturday at this year’s Outside Lands is going to be a hoot and a holler. There are lots bands and Muse. I’ve seen Muse before and they pretty much are the best live. Rather…

Outside Lands 2011: The Friday Playlist

Starting this Friday, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park will be Ground Zero for what I can only gather as Hippie Fest 2011. Actually, that isn’t totally true but it also isn’t that far from the…

Ellie Goulding: Outside Lands 2011

In support of her Lights/Bright Lights record debut, Ellie Goulding played the Sutro Stage at this years Outside Lands Festival. Part folk, pop, and electric, Ellie and her band mates got the crowd going with songs like “Under the Sheets,” This Love Will Be Your Downfall,” and “Your Biggest Mistake.” Oh yeah, she also brought… More »

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