Vanessa Hudgens Upgrades Her Hair To Fiery Ombre

Vanessa Hudgens, actress, and fan of the smoochie-face posted these photos of her new fiery locks on Instagram for all the world to see. Just a few days…

Fall Obsession: Brown Hair To Color Ombres

Over the years I’ve only lightly dabbled in different hair colors. When I moved to LA at 19 I was broke and couldn’t afford to keep highlighting my hair blonde so my friend dyed my hair red brown. I had that hair color for a few months and then I realized that color wasn’t really… More »

34 Gradient Nail Ideas

It’s Sunday aka the day I share with you all some amazing nail art! This week I have decided to go with a gradient theme. These nails are all so cool and crazy looking. I know a sponge is involved in the process of these nails and it takes some serious skill to master this… More »

Ombre Hair: Inspiration For Change

As you may know, yesterday I went to the salon for a complete hair makeover! I decided to go for an ombre brown to blonde. Check out some other ombre hair styles I luvvvv. xoxo

GIVEAWAY: WIN A Manic Panic Prizepack On Instagram!

 If Buzznet knows ANYTHING, it’s that you guys love yourselves some colorful hair, so we thought we’d team up with the authority on all colors crazy…

Rebel Rebel: I Can’t Get Enough

One of the trends that I’m LOVING is spikes and studs on everything and anything. Even all over your body. This trend is such an easy way to show how dangerous you are, and that you don’t give a fuck! If anyone tries to mess with you, tries to piss you off, or comes to… More »

American Apparel Sheer Ombre Nail Polish

American Apparel recently launched a new sheer nail polish line to get the Ombre effect easily! I have to say this look is killer. I recently bought the polish in hopes of recreating this look and it is not as easy as you would think! There may be a litte false advertising going on here…. More »

What’s Red, Blonde, And Awesome All Over? Miley Cyrus’ New Hair!

Stop playing with my emotions Miley Cyrus. It’s like, I try and keep up with who you are and what you’re all about, like in YOUR soul, but you…

Dip-Dyed Hair Trend Is Here To Stay!

Before Dip-Dyed hair became popular, there was Ombre hair which faded from light to dark or vice versa in one chosen color, nothing too drastic. But more recently, the modern take on it is Dip-dye, which can include any fun and bright color! I’m sure you all have seen some celebs and fashion icons rocking… More »

Prabal Gurung Fall 2011 Ombre Fur Coats


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