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Ok Go: Do What You Want (V.2)

This is Ok Go’s second version  (the “wallpaper version”) of “Do What You Want.” I like it, but nothing beats backyard dancing or treadmills! Plus, I wanna see their pretty faces. Haha. Like it? Love…

love love love love (NFG + Ok Go)

I know, I lag when it comes to writing about events. Sorry, kids, I’m too busy living. If you’re still holding your breath for Coachella Day 2 or Bamboozle Day 2, now is the time…

This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.

A SHRIMP on a treadmill set to Ok Go’s HIGA. Who the eff even KNEW if you put a shrimp on a TREADMILL it would RUN?!

Ok Go performing C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips on “Chic A Go Go”

YES. Here is the first dance. It’s from 2000. Fantastic Fabulous Credit: ihave7stars on youtube

Ok Go – What To Do

I adore this song. The lyrics are the greatest. “Sweetheart you’ll find… mediocre people do exceptional things all the time” And that wasnt even the best line.

Watertown High School does Ok Go

I hope they won the talent show.

Ok Go – Don’t Ask Me (live)

AOL Sessions. This is one of my fav songs of theirs.

Ok Go interview from theywillrockyou.com

You worked with Swedish producer Tore Johansson on your second
album, Oh No, who previously worked with Franz Ferdinand and The
Cardigans.  How was he to work with and how did working with him
contribute to the success…

Vintage Ok Go – Get Over It :)

Ok Go & Ice Skating.

Hahaha. Professional Ice Skaters Utako Wakamatsu & Jean-Sebastien Fecteau perform to Ok Go’s “A Million Ways.” This is amaaaaaazing!

Ok Go dances in Paris


Ok Go performing on “Here It Goes Again” on Conan O Brien

9/7/06. Conan + Ok Go = Two of my favorite things. Ever.

Ok Go’s C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips dance.

This is the first dance I ever saw them do… the song is off their first cd, and yes, Tim sings it 🙂 The sound is off, but I havent been able to find any other vid of it… I had one on my old cell phone, but there was no way to get it… More »

Ok Go get VMA advice from JC Chasez… in the crapper

Hahah. Good stuff. I love them, I can’t wait to see their performance.


I think this may be my new favorite site, and I am definitely going to contribute someday. Here is an article about the topic/site:

Here It Goes Again – Ok Go

Just when you think Ok Go can’t top themselves! Dancing on TREADMILLS! Amazing. I love them like Britney loves Cheetos.

Ok Go record “Oh No” in Sweden

Ok Go performing on Good Morning Dallas

Lately It’s So Quiet & Do What You Want Sigh. So lovely.

OMG! What a TOUR!

The tour of my dreams is happening this summer! Ok, maybe not THEE tour of my dreams, but The Dresden Dolls and Ok Go TOGETHER?! With P!ATD and The Hush Sound? I think I’m going…