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Patrick Stump’s Solo Album: Funky, Direct and Ready This Summer?

The golden egg in my email inbox this morning was a Q&A Spin Magazine did with Patrick Stump. In it he talks about themes emerging on his solo album, our culture’s ‘verbal diarrhea’ and his

Bonnaroo 2010 Lineup Announced

Attention Tennesseans or those planning to pilgrimage to the 2010 Bonnaroo Festival: Artists have been revealed! Some of the ear-catching acts are Weezer, Jay-Z, Regina Spektor, She & Him, OK Go and The Dropkick Murphys.…

On The Set of Ok Go’s “This Too Shall Pass”

A small group of writers got to tour the set of OK Go’s new music video. You won’t believe it ’till you see it all put together, but here’s a sneak peek anyway.

Making The Music Video: OK Go’s ‘This Too Shall Pass’

In Lego land

Making The Music Video: OK Go’s ‘This Too Shall Pass’

The writers with Damian. Yeah, I did vie for that spot. I’m not just a blogger, I’m a FAN.

Making The Music Video: OK Go’s ‘This Too Shall Pass’

Group hug! Er, I mean group shot.

Making The Music Video: OK Go’s ‘This Too Shall Pass’

Glad she got my hair in the picture. I’m sending this one to my colorist. Ha!

Making The Music Video: OK Go’s ‘This Too Shall Pass’

Party cups.

On Set with OK Go: Making the “This Too Shall Pass” Video

Right now at a chilly warehouse in Echo Park, things are down to the wire on the construction of the great mouse-trap like set of “This Too Shall Pass.” Inspired by the wacky contraptions built

My Jan 2010 Playlist

Time to make a Feb one! And yes, I am 6 months late to partying in the USA.

Ok Go “This Too Shall Pass”

How do they keep topping themselves? This is the second single from their brand new album, “From The Blue Colour Of The Sky”

A Look For Every Song: Ok Go’s “Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky”

Music always makes me think of little stories each song could tell, so for this review, I tried something new: I created a look (via polyvore) while listening to each song. If you want to listen along while you look through this gallery, the band is streaming their album on MySpace.com/Okgo. Let me know what… More »

Sounds Of Buzz and Sims Present Forever The Sickest Kids

Just got home from the sweet little party / performance at the Playhouse in Hollywood. Forever The Sickest Kids were the night’s reigning kings, fresh off their headlining Cheap Date tour with Artist vs. Poet.

Bookish: Zombie Haiku, Freakonomics, Be An Explorer of the World

Since the last time I blogged about books, I think I’ve aquired like, 10 more of them. And by “aquired” I mean bought. It’s like I have no self control.

Among the books bought is a

Ok Go: “WTF” Music Video

Can be watched in High Quality here. By the way, the secret show they had at the Grammy Museum in LA on Tuesday night? Best show of my life.

Fall ’09 Playlist!

Ta-da! All of these songs are fantastic. Which is your favorite? I think you should all check out one song from this list that you’ve never heard before 🙂

“New Moon” Soundtrack Goes Indie

The gospel known as Stephenie Meyer’s website has announced the official tracklisting for the New Moon soundtrack. If you’re an indie hipster music snob (circle one or all), brace yourself for disgust and Twitter-trending

The 2009 MTV Video Music Award Nominees Are…

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards are creeping up on us, and the nominees have been announced! On September 13th, you’ll get to cheer or jeer, but until then, you have some say in the…

Linkage: Ok Go, Regina Spektor, Taking Back Sunday

  • Interview with the fabulous Amanda Palmer–about the end of The Dresden Dolls and disputes with her record label (Flavorwire)
  • Stream Ok Go’s newest song, “Skyscrapers” + chat with Damian Kulash (EW)
  • The coolest <a href="…

Ok Go & Bonerama – A Million Ways

On Letterman.