December 19th: Ohio is for Lovers

Ohio. Home. Where my heart is. Also the title of my favorite and only song I know by Hawthorne Heights…

Where I learned to love. I learned to love people, myself, dance, things, places, feelings…

Fit For A King @ Jamboree Ohio

Fit For A King Playing @ Jamboree Ohio

Undesirable People @ Jamboree Ohio Festival

Undesirable People Playing @ Jamboree Ohio Festival

Man Overboard @ Jamboree Ohio Festival

Man Overboard Playing @ Jamboree Ohio Festival

Tonight Alive @ Jamboree Festival

Tonight Alive playing Jamboree Ohio Festival

Buzznet Exclusive: Miss May I (VIDEO) From Warped

Who knew a bunch of Ohio kids could be living the dream at Warped Tour! I chatted with Levi Benton, From Miss May I about our Hometowns, Whats up next for the band and…

Aug 20th, 2011 – Britney Live In Columbus, OH [VIDEOS UPDATE]

Tonight, August 20, 2011, in Columbus, Ohio is Britney Spears’ thirty-fifth show off the

Femme Fatale Tour


Kaela lounging

Kaela lounging (Taken with instagram)

Imported from jump in it

everyday life #11

ahhh. so remember when i wrote the journal about when erika and i went to cleveland, ohio last year?

i had the most amazing time ever. and now…

Adventures in Ohio (Part 1)

TUESDAY:  we left at 11:30 that evening.. I think. I don’t remember. It was Erika, me, Christa, Nathanial, Heidi, our Pastor Robert and his wife, Esther. We arrived at our destination at around 6:00 pm…

Goodbye Home.

Erika and I are leaving for Ohio in 6 hours. I need to get some sleep before then. Be back Friday evening.. but I probably won’t get online until Saturday.

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