northern downpour

Panic at the Disco: ‘Northern Downpour’ Video Premiere by the End of the Week

Ever since Panic at the Disco told Buzznet‘s own Breesays they had a video for “Northern Downpour” in the works, fans have been waiting (im)patiently for news. And while we did just

Panic playing ‘Northern Downpour’ live

Rock Band Live tour in Los Angeles

Panic at the Disco Wind Up: Community Round Up

Panic at the Disco is out on the road repping for the Rock Band Live tour, along with Dashboard Confessional, The Cab and Plain White T’s. It’s barely a week into the tour, but we’ve…

Panic at the Disco Film Music Video for ‘Northern Downpour’

Yesterday, before the Rock Band Live tour in Los Angeles, Buzznet got a chance to spend a little time chatting with those fine boys of Panic at the Disco. There is a

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