nicole buckley

Babies of the 80’s.

We’ve all seen tie dye shoes, shirts, shorts, pants, and basically everything. One thing people don’t talk about are tie dye NAILS! I absolutely love the neon tie dye nails trend, especially the ones with the peace sign and Jac Vanek tie dye nails done by Nicole Buckley are INSANELY cute! Would you rock tie… More »

The Jac Vanek Collection

A few weeks ago I did a photo shoot from Jac Vanek’s collection! I love all of her clothes, super comfy! The vintage pieces are my favorite, I mean who doesn’t want to wear a flannel that says “I Hate Everyone”?? The shoot was shot by Claire Oring, Nicole Buckley styled and I did my… More »

You Know You Are In A Boy Band When…

I was having dinner with my friends Jac, Nicole and Alex from The Cab and Jac started talking about One Direction and how dreamy they were. So funny. I’ve lived through 2 sets of boybands already in my life, so I am not really getting into this latest boyband craze, but I’ve noticed some strange… More »

Summer Music Festival Style ft Bebe Rexha, Jac Vanek and more!

I LOVE BAMBOOZLE! Any music festival, really…. What’s better than good music and great friends??Anyway, here are some pics of my friends i from Bamboozle a few months ago. Enjoy!

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