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Hanna Beth and Nicole Anderson Make Tote Bags

Hangin’ with Nicole Anderson from “Jonas” Part 2

Here’s part 2 of my interview with Nicole. Aside from being an actress, she’s also very crafty and we did another video of her showing me how to make a really cute tote bag that is coming soon. Don’t forget to check out “Jonas” Saturday on the Disney Channel at 8pm and if you missed… More »

Meet My New Friend Nicole Anderson from Disney’s “Jonas”

Earlier this week I went to the Buzznet offices to meet and interview Nicole Anderson, one of the stars of the new “Jonas” show on the Disney Channel. She couldn’t have been sweeter and we had a lot in common, from our dogs to our favorite movies. Photos of me and Nicole at Buzznet HERE… More »

Hanna Beth and Nicole Anderson

Hanna hangs with Nicole Anderson, co-star of the new upcoming Disney Channel series JONAS.

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