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The Cab’s Alex Deleon Surprise Birthday Party

Buzznet staff Kate & Brittany hanging with Nick Dungo from For The Foxes

BUZZNET Exclusive: Amoeba Adventures With Nick Of For The Foxes

Here’s our latest Amoeba Adventure featuring Nick Dungo of For The Foxes!  We caught up with Nick at Amoeba Records in Hollywood to find out what records make his list of…

Buzznet Exclusive: Cocktail Chats With For The Foxes

What is the best way to get to know someone? Get a drink and ask them a bunch of questions of course! We decided to do that with Nick Dungo of For The Foxes — and we…

Buzznet Exclusive: For The Foxes One Word Interview

For The Foxes frontman Nick Dungo is so awesome! While running around Austin, we ran into Nick at SXSW and got him in front of the camera for his first, one…

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