Question of the Day: You Look Nice Today

I feel sassy today. Mostly because I actually had some sleeps last night and the people that make my coffee in the morning times did an excellent job. Also, Moo did not trample on me…

Question of the Day: What Was the Last Nice Thing You Did For Someone?

Welcome to November, Buzznet! This month is full of all types of on goings and that’s the way we like it. Not only are the holidays in full swing, people are growing their chin whiskers…

The Evolution Of Perez Hilton

Remember when Perez was mean? I can barely remember. Hate him, or Love him- one thing is for sure, Perez is a clear reminder that people who want to, can change. That we are all on our own journey, and that we all learn, grow and become better as we age. I love that Perez… More »

Fashion Inspiration: Sugar and Spice

As most of you already know, when I am not browsing celebrity news
I most definitely browse fashion.

Lately I can’t help but love all things Sugar and Spice… <br…

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