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Kids’ Choice Award Winners 2010

‘Twilight’ is getting Graphic!

On March 26th, 2010, the first volume – ‘Twilight: The Graphic Novel’ – goes on sale in Hardcover for $19.99.

It will contain text from…

New Moon in $50

So, some friends and I made a New Moon parody.  Filmed in two days with a budget of $50.  I play Stephenie Meyer with the aid of some lip plumper.

It is finally online.  Go watch.


Tacky Twilight Merchandise Part 3: Hot Topic

Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate

For those of you unfamiliar, that’s a line from Dante’s Inferno.  Those words are what are supposedly carved above the gate through which you enter Hell.…

Tacky Twilight Merchandise Part 2: Nordstrom

So, last week’s entry was fairly low-key, right?  I mean, a few crappy teeshirts and some gross chocolate bars, but generally just, you know, bland.  

Well, this week we step up our game a…

Tacky Twilight Merchandise Part 1: Rue 21

If you’re like me, then the quickly approaching release date for New Moon leaves you with only one desire: to crawl into a hole and not come out until the abstinence fueled Twi-frenzy goes back…

Caption This: RPattz Vanity Fair Photo

And so the lobster fell in love with the corncob What a stupid corncob What a sick, masochistic lobster /end lameness, plz do better kthx

Caption This: RPattz Vanity Fair Photo

And so the lobster fell in love with the corncob What a stupid corncob What a sick, masochistic lobster /end lameness, plz do better kthx

New Moon stills

Shots from Twilight’s sequel, coming soon to a theater near you. Whether you like it or not. Can you come up with some funny captions?

Due to a leak, the New Moon soundtrack is being released on Friday

Overwhelming demand? Mmhmm sure. Btw, I listened to it twice and tbh, it bored me. Anyone else have a review of it–or any thoughts on it?

RPatz and KStew Dread Talking ‘Twilight’

Well, we’re in short range of New Moon, the second film in the Twilight Saga, hitting theaters.  The film opens November 20th, and with it comes the promotional blitz that takes over every single form

Death Cab for Cutie “Meet Me On The Equinox”

Otherwise known as “The tortured Bella anthem.” JAY KAY. Anyway, here it is! Death Cab’s haunted house performance chopped up with scenes from New Moon. I don’t know if any of the footage is new to you, but Edward takes his shirt off. Does the song make the video bearable? Does the video not do… More »

Death Cab For Cutie’s ‘Equinox’ Video Set

The music video for Death Cab for Cutie’s “Meet Me On the Equinox,” from The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack, is premiering TONIGHT at 8pm (all time zones) on MTV and will be posted on following the on-air premiere. The video will have footage of New Moon, for all you eager Twi-hards.

Get To Know “New Moon” Bands: Band of Skulls

So a few days ago the track listing for Twilight’s sequel soundtrack proliferated the internets and everyone was all “Stephenie Meyer, why you trying to gain indie cred?” Regardless, it’s pretty much set in stone,…

“New Moon” Soundtrack Goes Indie

The gospel known as Stephenie Meyer’s website has announced the official tracklisting for the New Moon soundtrack. If you’re an indie hipster music snob (circle one or all), brace yourself for disgust and Twitter-trending

Death Cab Stream “Meet Me On The Equinox”

It has arrived—the soundtrack single tailored specifically for the Twilight Saga: New Moon can be heard in it’s entirety on Stereogum. [cut=Hit me with it.]

Disregard the fact that…

Does this mean someone is sitting BETWEEN K-Stew and RPattz?

YOU CAN SEPARATE THEM BUT YOU CAN’T SEPARATE THEIR LOVE!!1! Ok, that’s enough. VMA seating chart. Sunday Sunday Sunday, folks. Source

10 Reasons Why The “Eclipse” Movie Will Be Better Than “New Moon”

MTV recently caught up with the hottest Cullen in the clan to get some dirt on forthcoming plots details for Eclipse, the third book-turned-movie in the Twilight saga. Yeah, I know New Moon hasn’t even

Declaring Bella and Edward’s Date Anthem

Master music manipulator Girl Talk (aka Greg Gillis) was a main act at San Diego Street Scene this past weekend, but he spared a few moments to chat with Buzznet about music, movies and pop

Death Cab For Cutie: The Perfect Fit For “New Moon”?

Pretentious Death Cab fans turned their heads to mainstream assimilating long ago, back when The O.C. intertwined them with lovable indie-nerd Seth Cohen (Adam Brody), so penning the title track for Twilight‘s second major…