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Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Pre-Launch Of New Shay Todd Collection 2014

On Wednesday, Bill & Tom were at pre-launch of the new Shay Todd collection 2014. They were simply handsome, always cool and perfect. Already in 2011, they attended the opening of Shay’s store always in LA (HERE) Check out the gallery and let me know what you think about Kaulitz twins style 😉 Source: Freiheit89

What the Hellz? Introducing BOTB Clothing!

I’d like to introduce you to this unique new collection, BOTB, by Lanie Alabanza-Barcena (creator of the trail blazing street brand, Hellz Bellz). BOTB’s highly anticipated collection, titled “Movers and Shakers,” looks amazing! Lanie did an awesome job combining her tough girl mold with a more light hearted approach – mixing high end sensibilities with… More »

WEEEE Wednesday!

today is a good day so far =] I had breakfast with my dad then i ran downtown for fabric I’m working on new samples. things are fabulous today. life is such a roller coaster Hope you are all having a fabulous week so far!! xoxo yours truly, designer Jazmin Whitley

Hello Tuesday, please be good to me

I’ve been feeling rather sick lately. Today I’m trying to pull myself together. It’s a busy day for Li Cari, I’m going to be sketching and working on the new collection. ALL from home, (: I don’t feel like going into the showroom today. I can’t wait to create an amazing new collection and share… More »

white strapless mini

dress from my new collection 🙂 hope you all love it! would you wear a little white mini? I think every girl should own one

mini photo shoot in SD

This week I had a mini photo shoot in San Diego! My gorgeous model Michele rocked dresses from my new collection at the beach (: photos by Erica Lauren

SD adventures!

Hi Buzznet! 

Hope you’re all having a gorgeous winter so far.

yesterday me, Erica and Jennifer went on a mini road trip to San Diego for a photo shoot with my gorgeous Li Cari model Michele. I…

hi buzznet

I love all my buzznet friends. hope you are all doing fabulous (: photo shoot tomorrow, so that means new pictures! yayy xo Jazmin Whitley Li Cari

Li Cari mens line :]


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