WATCH: Kinetics & One Love feat. Neon Hitch ‘Time Machine’ Video

If you’re a Melanie Martinez fan, you might be familiar with the work of Kinetics & One Love, as they produced her current…

20 Questions With Neon Hitch

I recently got the opportunity to ask Neon Hitch 20 fun questions, check them out! You had a massive hit with Gym Class Hero’s “Ass Back Home” that you were featured on. How did that collaboration come about? My boy Benny Blanco was doing the record and asked if I’d wanna be on the hook,… More »

Photo Diary- Lebanon

Hi babies! I just took a crazy whirlwind trip to Lebanon to play the annual NRJ Music Tour. I was there for 36 hours and flew probably like 48 hours total. Insanity! I just got back and now I’m in my bed, working on a track that I have a deadline on and making you… More »

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