Ready For Holidays!

Hi Buzznet,

those last days have been really really chaotic, mainly for two reasons: the first because I did my last two exams, and until September I have no intention to listen about exams… I’m so…

2nd Buzznet Anniversary!!

Hi Buzznet,

finally I have a little bit of time for write this blog, I have a lot of news to tell you and I hope to remember all of them.

First, I missed you so much…

A Kiss For You!

Yesterday evening, before to go out with my parents, I shot a couple of pics in my bathroom while i’m preparing for the evening, and I thought to shot me while I was sending a kiss… This pic is dedicated to all the people follows me, and in particular, I wanna dedicate this pic to… More »

Top 10 Things on Buzznet: Week of 10/3/10

Reblogged from Aviva (I’ll totally buzz your contest spam, dudes)

Here in the Buzznet office, we spend our days reading your posts, looking at your photos and videos, and…

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