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Which Alternative Rock Band Singer Is Writing With The Wanted?

One alternative rock band frontman has been spotted in the studio with UK boyband The Wanted but who could it be? If your first guess was Boys…

Real-Life Celeb Heroes

Celebs just seem to have it all: the money, the fame, lavish lifestyles… and we have to admit, we’re pretty jealous! After all, it seems all that they do is stand there, look pretty/handsome and get paid for it. Not so true actually – they are plenty of celebs who do a lot for the… More »

Video Premiere of ‘Chasing The Sun’ By The Wanted

Just an hour ago, the music video for The Wanted‘s new hit single “Chasing The Sun” premiered and fan girls are going crazy. I watched it and I’ve got to say it was pretty amazing! I love these boys and think their music is great, check out the video for yourself. The video stars the… More »

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