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Wild N’ Free Animal-Inspired Nail Art

Even if you don’t like going to zoos, you’ll definitely go bonkers for these super adorable animal-esque nail art! These cutesy animal farm-like characters on your nails will make you wanna ditch the prints and go all out for animal nail art. With penguins, froggies, pandas, and the rest of your farm animal friends, it’s… More »

DIY Trend: Sprinkles, Scrumptious Nails

Ahh, where do I begin? While nail polishes are great for painting the nails, here’s an upgrading trend that’s been here for a while: sprinkles nails! Just like 2d movies are (almost) of the past and 3d is the current, 3d nails will make its way very, very soon. One of my current favorite nail… More »

Celebrity Nails

Check out which celebrities are making statements with their nails or going the classic route with a basic manicure.. I must say.. Katy Perry & Rihanna ALWAYS have the best nail swag going on!! Are you a fan of wild nails or do you like to stick to the basics? xoxo

Summer Manicure Inspiration!

Currently I am rocking a mint green gel manicure. I am obsessed with all the pretty pastels of the season. Here are my inspirations of cool looks you can get for the summer….or if you are in Mexico. Which I am today! WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!! ps. make sure to go to my facebook page under “Free Chapter”… More »

Get Fun And Flirty With Betsey Johnson’s OPI Nail Polish Collection!

Exclusively sold at Sephora, the quirky clothing designer, Betsey Johnson, teamed up with Sephora by OPI to produce a nail polish collection that will surely brighten up your days. Filled…

New Nails! (Thank you Sally!)


Need a manicure asap but don’t have the time and/or money to get it? Try Sally Hansen’s new Salon Effects. It’s quick, easy and professional looking.

And the best part? There are so many…

TREND ALERT! New nail polish trend


New OPI Shatter nail polishes hit stores several months ago, and have caused a nail polish revolution already. They’re easy to use, and very simple. Just apply a base color to your nails, and…

Nail Stickers THAT WORK!

I have tried the Urban Outfitters and Sephora nail…

Chic Prints by OPI

My mom got these for me…they look amazing once you get the hang of how to apply them. First, you warm up the prints by rubbing them with your finger (use a hairdryer, it’s easier).…

Chanel Khaki Nailpolish Collection

Khaki Rose, Khaki Vert and Khaki Brun.

Out September 10th for Fashions Night Out. Hopefully I will be in New York for it! Im really into the olive…

Hot or Not?

Hot or Not?

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