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Halloween Nail Art Inspiration To Show Your Spooky Side

The month of October is the BEST. You can let out your inner goth, wear as much black as you want, rock insane costumes and hair, and no one even bats and eye! Obviously one of the best ways to show off your inner spooky spirit is with some seriously eye popping nail art. Whether… More »

Support Your Favorite NHL Team ❤ With Chrome Girl Nails!

Gear up for hockey season with these super cute nail polishes from Chrome Girl. They are long lasting, easy to order, and each set comes with 3 bottles decked out in your favorite NHL team colors. My favorite part about Chrome Girl is that all of their products are completely toxin-free (meaning that they are… More »

66 Cute And Chic Rose Nail Art Designs

Spring has sprung and I am so into it. I have been loving all the flowers blooming, sun shining and sweatshirt ditching weather. With that being said I have decided to put a little flower inspiration in this weeks nail gallery. Rose nail art is so so cute and simple. It is the perfect way… More »

34 Gradient Nail Ideas

It’s Sunday aka the day I share with you all some amazing nail art! This week I have decided to go with a gradient theme. These nails are all so cool and crazy looking. I know a sponge is involved in the process of these nails and it takes some serious skill to master this… More »

Nail Art Trend: 43 Studded Nails

Each week I try to find new nail art design trends to share with you all! This week I have decided to share some studded nails. Studs are a huge trend right now. I have a couple accessories, shoes and clothes that have studs on them. There is just no getting away from them lately!… More »


All kinds of nails.Glitter nails,neon,dark,multi colored…

Shine On: Metallic Nails

So as you all know by now I am a huge nail art fan. I love getting my nails done, doing my own nails and finding all the new fun trends that are out there. I have been stumbling upon so many metallic nails lately and I had to share. It used to be so… More »

79 Wonderful Disney Nail Art Designs

By now we’ve definitely established we love Disney over here at Buzznet. Between Pixar movies, Winnie the Pooh characters and classic Disney princess tales, we have our hands full! And speaking of hands,more specifically, nails, we found some great examples of our favorite theme through nail art. Check out these tributes to Disney and pick… More »

Celebrity & Designer Nails

It seems that celebrities and designers alike are going crazy for nails these days! Whether it’s a pop-culture powerhouse family like the Kardashians, tween pop idol like Justin Bieber, or hip runway fashion designer like Jason Wu, everyone it seems is designing their own polish or nail collection. Not only are celebrities and designers designing… More »

Rihanna’s Grammys Gold Manicure Cost A Whopping $5000

While Rihanna nailed the look during this year’s Grammys in her plunging v-neck Giorgio Armani gown, we’re actually more amazed at what’s on her fingertips! Lo and behold, here’s…

Chanel Shows Off Nail Polish Shades In New Quirky Campaign

Chanel is brand that is known for its luxury apparel,…

Would You Ever Rock These Nails?

the idea of having crazy-glitter-sprinkled-Hello-Kitty-cray-cray nails has always been a fascination of mine. these nails might make texting and typing hard, but at least your hands are looking fly! check out these photos of some of my favorite deco nails. Would you ever get deco nails? Which is your favorite? xoxo xoxo

Khaki Nails for Fall

Last year, dark, dramatic colors were in: girls everywhere were spotted wearing deep purple, red, and black nail varnish. This fall, neutral, earthy tones are a must. Chanel, Scotch Naturals and OPI have put their…


When I peeled off my nail polish last week one part came off in the shape of a heart !!!!! I had to get a photo to remember 😀 View in full size 😀

How To: Flawless DIY Manicures

Here’s how to get a perfect manicure—without paying a salon! 

1. Don’t skip the base coat. Though you may be tempted to cut corners and forget the base coat, think twice. Base coat helps polish stay…

Purple x4

Say it repeatedly and it starts to sound funny. I am on a purple rampage! I bought four new nail polishes, and they are all in shades of purple. From left to right: Illume by SpaRitual, Sparkle by Sonia Kashuk, Ultra Violet by Estee Lauder and Purple Rain by Sonia Kashuk. Okay, “Sparkle” is really… More »

Morticia Addams Inspired Nail Polishes: Creepy, Kooky and Utterly Divine

Let’s be honest, ladies, Morticia Addams has one hell of a look.  The macabre matriarch of the Addams clan has a killer fashion sense and a body to die for.  And for years, her fans…

Finally, the Photo

Here is the photo I wanted to post earlier of the Chic Prints OPI by Sephora nail decals.They are so rad!Cred: // Sorry it’s blurry!

The Raddest Nails. Ever.

hese new nail prints by OPI are amazing! They are super easy to put on, all you have to do is warm them with your hands, and then stick them on. I want the nautical…


This is the beautiful bracelet I bought from Autumnann that she sells on, it’s a wonderful site that people can sell their handcrafted items. I took the photo like this because you couldn’t see it as good on my wrist plus I only have my nail polish on only when I go out. I’ve… More »

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