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MEOW! 40 Kitty Cat Nail Designs

Happy Cat Day! I have to admit I am not a huge cat lover but I can get down with a cute fur ball every now and then. These nails I have found around the web are super cute and creative. Take a look at the gallery below and comment on your fave! Would you… More »

37 Fresh Fruit Nails For Summer

Nothing taste better in the summer than some fresh fruit! Fruit + summer = bliss. So I got to thinking, what could be better than eating fruit? Getting a cute fruit nail design on your nails for summer, of course! I can’t wait to get a watermelon design done, or kiwi I can’t decide! I… More »

41 Amazing Sugar Skull Nail Designs

Sugar Skulls are a Mexican tradition used in celebrating the Day of the Dead on November 1st and 2nd. Even though today actually Cinco De Mayo I am still just feeling the vibe of the Sugar Skulls on this Mexican holiday. Sugar Skulls are also symbolic for loved ones who have passed away. I have… More »

34 Gradient Nail Ideas

It’s Sunday aka the day I share with you all some amazing nail art! This week I have decided to go with a gradient theme. These nails are all so cool and crazy looking. I know a sponge is involved in the process of these nails and it takes some serious skill to master this… More »

Nail Art Trend: 43 Studded Nails

Each week I try to find new nail art design trends to share with you all! This week I have decided to share some studded nails. Studs are a huge trend right now. I have a couple accessories, shoes and clothes that have studs on them. There is just no getting away from them lately!… More »

33 Pastel Nail Ideas For Spring

Spring has finally sprung! It is also that time of the week where I decide what I want to do next to my nails. I am feeling spring more than ever so I wanted to get in the spirit with some fun colors. I love the pastel shades, the pale yellow is one of my… More »

Nail Art Secrets From The Coolest Nail Artist In Austin!

Nail Art is so happening right now, especially within the world BUZZNET. My nails might be a hot mess at the moment, but I sure do love looking at photo after photo of beautiful nail art. From studs and glitter to intricate drawings and messages, nail design has absolutely become a trend that will only… More »

French Manicured Nails With A Twist

It is no secret how obsessed with nail art I am. I am always thinking of what I can get done to my nails next and looking through pics of nail designs. I decided to share some of the amazing pics I have been coming across. Get used to it because I am going to… More »

Fruit At Your Fingertips! Get Inspired With Fresh, Fruity Nail Art Designs For Summer

You know what is delicious in the Summer ? Yes, chili cheese fries. And yes, nachos. But those are delicious ALL YEAR ROUND. I’m talking about thinks that are especially delicious in Summer. Yes, popsicles. Okay fine I will just tell you because this game is getting tedious. FRUIT IS DELICIOUS IN THE SUMMER. And… More »

A Nail Biter’s Dream: Yummy Food Nails

Nail art is so rad. With the help of a talented manicurist (and a few bucks) you can put anything you love on your nails. For example, I love food. So I would definitely rock nails like this, and also I would probably rock nails with like steaks and ham hocks and stuff if I… More »

Nail It At Prom This Year With These Awesome Nail Designs

Prom is just around the corner, and you know what that means? No, but do you actually? Because I haven’t been to prom in a (not to be disclosed) amount of years, so I actually have no idea. I imagine it’s about slow dances and corsages and true love, but then again I also used… More »

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