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Get Nailed: The Evolution Of Jeffree Star’s Nails

As you all know, I have been getting my nails done in every crazy way possible for years now! I decided to take as many of my favorites that I could find and put them all in one gallery. What nail design is your favorite?

Spread Holiday Cheer With Nail Art

Spread Christmas cheer wherever you go with fabulous holiday nails! Here are some fun ideas for you and your friends for the holiday season! Follow these designs or use them as inspiration. Show off your holiday cheer!

30 Matte Nails You Should Be Rocking

The matte nail trend is in full effect right now. Recently, I have seen so many people rocking matte nails of all colors! It started off with the matte black and has quickly spread to all colors, designs, etc. Matte is the perfect way to step up your nail game but still keeping it classy… More »


If you’re like me and LOVE nail art, I’ve got something for you: NAILS YA’LL and BUZZNET sent me these amazing nails for reppin’ (thanks Ya’ll) and I’m obsessed. If you want nail art, but don’t want the fuss of having to go to the salon, or if you’re ALSO like me and super clumsy… More »

I Nailed it!

So i am not a crazy nail art person, but two of my friends, Vanessa Hudgens and fellow buzzneter Brittany Hagerty are. We actually all go to the same nail salon. Our ladies are bomb!! They always make fun of me though that I never get anything “cool” lol. I always stick to the classics,… More »

BOO-utiful Halloween Nails!

My good friend and super-talented Nail Fairy Heather Barr did my nails today! How cute are these?!? They looked super simple to do, even though I know I couldn’t do this in probably a million years because I have shaky hands…. But if you’ve got the polish and a steady hand, you can do it!… More »

Spooky Halloween Nail Art Tutorial: Pumpkins, Skulls And More

This weekend I experimented for the first time ever with nail art. For my first time, I don’t think they came out half bad, especially…

Get Nostalgic: 30 Nail Designs Inspired By 90’s Cartoons

It’s time to get nostalgic with some 90’s cartoon inspired nail art! Not gonna lie I was obsessed with Rugrats, Doug, The Wild Thornberries, you name it I was glued in front of the TV on the weekends watching. If only I had known how to paint these amazing characters on my nails at the… More »

Great Gatsby Nail Art

The highly anticipated release of The Great Gatsby is right around the corner. The film is sure to spark many different trends thanks to Baz Luhrman‘s filming style and the amazing fashion and looks of the roaring twenties (not to mention the gorgeous Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan). Check out some nail art inspired by… More »

33 Pastel Nail Ideas For Spring

Spring has finally sprung! It is also that time of the week where I decide what I want to do next to my nails. I am feeling spring more than ever so I wanted to get in the spirit with some fun colors. I love the pastel shades, the pale yellow is one of my… More »

Nail Art Secrets From The Coolest Nail Artist In Austin!

Nail Art is so happening right now, especially within the world BUZZNET. My nails might be a hot mess at the moment, but I sure do love looking at photo after photo of beautiful nail art. From studs and glitter to intricate drawings and messages, nail design has absolutely become a trend that will only… More »

Trend Alert: Lace

Whether it is for fashion, decor or beauty…lace has a way to make everything beautiful. I just want a big bright house with lots of pillows and lace decor and of course tons of cute girl dresses. I didn’t even realize how awesome lace nail art and makeup was…I’m obsessed. What do you think about… More »

79 Wonderful Disney Nail Art Designs

By now we’ve definitely established we love Disney over here at Buzznet. Between Pixar movies, Winnie the Pooh characters and classic Disney princess tales, we have our hands full! And speaking of hands,more specifically, nails, we found some great examples of our favorite theme through nail art. Check out these tributes to Disney and pick… More »

Amazing Nail Art!

Here’s a collection of some pretty sweet nail art that i’ve found online! Some of the ideas are really crazy cool! There’s also some halloween inspired ideas in there! Which is your favourite?

Beatles Nail Art

I have been looking for some fancy nail inspiration lately and as you know, I LOVE The Beatles so I obviously have to make a gallery for the best Beatle nail art I can scrounge around for! Unfortunatly, I couldn’t find a whole bunch, but sometimes less is more! Would you rock Beatles nail art?… More »

Best Of Buzznet On Facebook

We’ve posted a lot of photos on Facebook since our page creation in 2005 (gasp! 7 years already!). We’re here to bring you a little clump of the best photos from our Facebook’s past, ranging from concert photography, to rock band babes, puppies, nail art, and cats. LOTS OF CATS. Be sure to “like” our… More »

Olympic Nail Art Roundup

I hate sports…but I LOVE the Olympics. Don’t ask me why but something about the entire world all watching the same thing at the same time rooting for their home team just GETS ME! There are many ways to celebrate this momentus quadrennial event, like getting together with pals to watch together…or in my case… More »

Wild N’ Free Animal-Inspired Nail Art

Even if you don’t like going to zoos, you’ll definitely go bonkers for these super adorable animal-esque nail art! These cutesy animal farm-like characters on your nails will make you wanna ditch the prints and go all out for animal nail art. With penguins, froggies, pandas, and the rest of your farm animal friends, it’s… More »

Fruit At Your Fingertips! Get Inspired With Fresh, Fruity Nail Art Designs For Summer

You know what is delicious in the Summer ? Yes, chili cheese fries. And yes, nachos. But those are delicious ALL YEAR ROUND. I’m talking about thinks that are especially delicious in Summer. Yes, popsicles. Okay fine I will just tell you because this game is getting tedious. FRUIT IS DELICIOUS IN THE SUMMER. And… More »

A Nail Biter’s Dream: Yummy Food Nails

Nail art is so rad. With the help of a talented manicurist (and a few bucks) you can put anything you love on your nails. For example, I love food. So I would definitely rock nails like this, and also I would probably rock nails with like steaks and ham hocks and stuff if I… More »