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Cussin’ crybaby

Haha this is funny lol

Ridin’ dirrrrty

MySpace Seminar (hilarious SNL skit)

This skit was from this past weekend, it totally rags on the myspace child predator thing… Oh, and Fall Out Boy gets a mention half way through 😉

All this AND Tila Tequila?

This is a realllllllly funny article. And I have no shame in posting it since myspace has stripped anything buzznet off its site, including Coachella-related things. And thats dumb, cause we run their community.
Some excerpts:

L.Lo on MySpace?

Could it be? If so, why on earth put KFED in your Top 8?Ah well, speculate away.Oh, and here is Daniel Franco’s as well. Swoon.

My first, my last, my everythings?

-I started Buzznet today! I guess I don’t have to explain it to you, cause you’re HERE already, eh? Anyway, it’s going to be rad, and I hope I can bring a lot of my…

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