The 1975 Perform ‘Sex’ In Log Cabin (Not As Explicit As It Seems)

Myspace has premiered a new session starring my new favorite obsession, The 1975. Hosted by The Log Cabin at Manhattan Center, the video is a full band performance of their hit…

Check-Mate: Modern Checkboard Prints Are My Newest Summer Love

I can’t help myself – I just cant! My compulsion to buy absurd prints is too strong. I am an addict – just ask the mint green, ice cream…

I Love The ’90s: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is bringing the ’90s back in a big way. At last night’s Myspace party, Miley, 20, rocked a look inspired by hiphop…

The New Myspace: Will It Make A Comeback?

When the popularity of Facebook soared, Myspace fell to the wayside.

It looks like the company has had a few tricks up its sleeve though (including having Justin Timberlake on board). It has rebuilt the…

MUSIC NOTES: Pink Gets Down With No Doubt & More

Music notes; because let’s face it, #musicrules. Enjoy these fun stories hitting the web today in our gallery edition of Music Notes! Keep clicking through and let me know your thoughts on each story! What do you think of Pink and No Doubt’s collaboration? Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments… More »

Buzznet Exclusive Q&A: Andrew Bisante

Hey my loves,

Since I know you all like to be entertained, I wanted to make sure you got to know my extremely talented friend Andrew Bisante first hand.This kid is someone who I came across…

Andrew W.K. Brings The Party To MySpace With New Series

Andrew W.K. is appearing in a new scripted comedy web series to air on the rejuvenated MySpace. The series, which premiers on…

Justin Timberlake To Bring Talent Competition To MySpace?

As reported earlier, Justin Timberlake partnered with MySpace to help the company develop a new strategy in its creative direction. Looks like all things are a go with Justin…

Justin Timberlake Is Bringing MySpace Back

It’s The Social Network come to life! In a time where Facebook and Twitter rule, who really uses MySpace anymore – anyone? Bueller? Under its new owner Specific Media, which…

Myspace Music Interview

March 19th, 2011

Breesays’ Guide To Being a Crafty Liar

I’ve always been a good kid—I got through my entire junior high and high school existence without a single detention (although I distinctly remember swallowing an uncomfortably large hunk of bubble yum in 7th grade…


do you love me? do you in the slightest way care for me?

could you add this account on myspace?

it’s my street team for chantelle…

When The Girl Is Lying

Bijou Phillips at The Sundance Film Festival more → A blonder, bangier(?) Bijou Phillips has been making the party rounds at Sundance this past week in support of Choke, Clark Gregg’s adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s much-adored sicko coffee-table novel in which she stars with eternal… from


Thursday Buzz 7/12

Spice Girls matching tattoos? (intogossip)

Jessica Simpson’s plan B: Therapist. (allieiswired)

Time Mag’s Five Worst Websites list. (ShinyShiny)

Britney Spears vs. Bob Marley. Hahaha. (Holy Candy)

Should there <a…

Thursday Buzz 4/19

ABC Psychiatrist says showing the VT Murderer on TV was a “Social Catastrophe.” Damn straight.

That Hills sex tape is real… but boring? (Dlisted)

Academic Social…

Tuesday Buzz 4/17

Sanjaya is Maxim’s Girl Of The Day. Yeah, you read that right. (link via Evil Beet)

Happy Birthday Jen Garner! I love her. I should watch 13 Going…

Flea Hasn’t Been Himself Lately

Flea, bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, has been plagued by an imposter, who has weaseled his way into Flea’s MySpace page and is leaving “racist and insulting and disgusting” messages under the guise of Flea’s identity. Flea – real name Michael Balzary – writes, “I do not want to… from

Your Scene Sucks.

Remember Rob Dobi? He created How To Dress Emo 2.0. And I would’ve sworn on the Hot Topic employee handbook that it couldn’t get any better than that, but behold Your Scene Sucks.Are you a…

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Chris crocker is funny as hell

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