I’m so tired of looking at snow that I just had to post a very colorful photo. This plaque is in my favorite TEX-MEX restaurant. The last time I was there I saw someone had added a mustache to it. It made me Smile 😀 View in full size original

Hot Or Not: Beard and Mustache Championship

Today, I found special for you an amazing portraits of men with incredible beards and mustaches captured by Greg Anderson. He taken these photos at the National Beard and Mustache Championships…

EW WHY? Justin Bieber’s Wispy Mustache And Nic Cage On The “Wrecking Ball”

Per usual there are many things this week that have caused me to make the classic I Love Lucian sound of “illlllllllllll”. Things that shake me to my core until I…

To Beard Or Not To Beard: Movember Special

November. It’s the 11th month of the year. It’s one of only four months of the year that is 30 days long. It also always ends on the same day of the week as August does. Blah, blah, wikipedia, blah. The main point of interest about November is that it’s that one time of year… More »

Must Have for Fall 2012: Herbie Sweaters

Oh I’m in love with all of this stuff! Guys from young russian brand Herbie make such a cool sweaters! It’s quite ordinary,but the prints are SUPER-DUPER. And T-shirts are coming soon. I need…

bowling with a mustache

in big bear for my little brothers birthday!! 🙂 being silly, talking like a country person and wearing a mustache i got from a 25cent machine

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