Music Monday – Brand New

Brand New has always one been one of those “bands band.”  Having more than one good record is hard and Brand New seems to have acheived it multiple times.  

Music Monday – Ed Sheeran

If you haven’t heard of Ed Sheeran by now then you either dont listen to the radio or hate Taylor Swift. Either way now you’ve at…

Music Monday – Relient K

Relient K is one of those bands that everyone knows a song by or you say “Oh i’ve heard this one before.”   My favorite from…

Music Monday – Bring Me The Horizon

Not all music mondays have to be bands that you’ve never heard of before. I first learned about BMTH some years ago when they were one of the break out bands from…

Music Monday: Get To Know Joshua Radin

This great solo artist, Joshua Radin, has been around for a…

Music Monday: Discover Passenger

Hey Music Lovers, 

Here is some new music for you to check out!

Music Monday Playlist Feat. A Cyrus Family Sing-A-Long!

Enjoy my playlist of what I’m listening to on this lovely Monday. And as a bonus, you get to see a little throwback to November video with my brother and

(VIDEO) Ashlee Holmes Visits With Her Boyfriend’s Family

Sean’s Uncle ( Dana ) and Aunt ( Katee ) live in Long Beach as well as Sean’s “Grand Pap” as he so adorbaly calls him and Step Grandmother ( Diane ). However, my boyfriend had some extra special family in town for the weekend. His Mom ( Donna ) , Uncle ( Don ),… More »

Music Monday: Neon Hymns + Free EP!

Neon Hymns may be one of the hottest new bands to hit the LA music scene, but they’re far from local. The band, comprised of James Bowen, Josef Cruickshank, Simon French…

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