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Britney Winning Star Of 2012

With $58 million, Britney is one of the most paid musician of this year. Congratulations, Britney!

10 Questions With Devin K!

Hey fellow music Buzzers, A friend of mine recently introduced me to a lovely musician named Devin K, I checked his music out and really enjoyed it! We decided to do an interview together so YOU all can get to know him too! I feel like you will really like his music as well! If… More »

Which Frontmen Has The Best Style?

I’m a sucker for a musician with a good voice, but add impeccable style to that mixture and i’m done. Here’s a gallery full of my favorite frontmen that’s got style to the max. From flannels to jean jackets. They sure do know how to keep my eyes glued to them. Wondering where that article… More »

Thought #6: Ian Dury Quote

Listen to many,speak to a few.

Get To Know Frank Anthony (VIDEO)

Hey guys, I recently came across an incredibly talented artist who goes by the name of Frank Anthony! I checked him out and was extremely impressed by his talent, but also pretty stoked to see some of the big names that have helped him out on his upcoming album, it is going to be amazing!… More »

Music Video: Daley – Alone Together ft. Marsha Ambrosius

Guys, you just should listen to this wonderful artist! His name is Daley. And he’s a British soul singer. He has collaborated with Gorillaz in the song Doncamatic in 2010. Then I noticed him first and fell in love with his voice. So this is Daley’s recent video for the song Alone Together featuring Marsha… More »

Buzznet Exclusive: Amoeba Adventure With The Rocket Summer & CD Giveaway

One of our favorite things to do with artists is find out what records have inspired their music and hold a special place in their hearts. Our…

Buzznet Exclusive Q&A: Andrew Bisante

Hey my loves,

Since I know you all like to be entertained, I wanted to make sure you got to know my extremely talented friend Andrew Bisante first hand.This kid is someone who I came across…

Say Hello

Hi everyone!

That’s will my mini internet-media about music,musicians,art,a little style ect.

I’m musician and beginner  journalist,so in the first place i will publish my interviews or any news about musicians.Not only about russians.

Peace & Love,


Alina D

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