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The Atlantic Release “You’re Not From New Hampshire” Music Video

Hey everyone! Our new music video for “You’re Not From New Hampshire” has been out for almost a month! YAY! If you haven’t seen it yet, you can…


Today is such a special day for me, my Goddess, my life, my everything, the blood that runs in my veins, my oxygen, was born…

MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: A Good Big World feat. Christina Aguilera ‘Say Something’

It’s been an exclusive of ET, some hours ago, that has been the first to release the official music video of this amazing song.

I’m talking about the…

Britney Spears On Set Of “Perfume” Music Video

Paparazzi caught Britney on set of her Criminal 2.0 “Perfume” music video shoot on Monday, capturing these special moments. Britney posted this photo on Facebook of her kissing her Jason Trawick look-a-like during her “Perfume” music video shoot today. Filming continues through Thursday. Britney revealed director Joseph Kahn (“Stronger,” “Womanizer”) is filming her new “Perfume”… More »

My Music Video for Bad Tattoo + Ryan Seacrest Premiere!

IT’S HERE. My very first music video for my song Bad Tattoo has arrived, and it premiered yesterday on The uber-colorful vid features fabulous fashionistas like Doe Deere, Natasha Lillipore, Nick Ottaviano, and…

Candy Hearts Live at Fest

Hello lovelies! I know not all of you live in Florida or could make it to Fest, so here is a video of our entire set! I hope you all enjoy it. I was so thrilled for everyone who sang along and got crazy. xo Mariel

Help Me To Certify Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” Music Video

My sweet girl Elena just asked me to spread the voice on all the social networks I have for help Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” music video to be VEVO certified once it reaches 100 million of views. So here I am to ask you a little favor. Personally I think also this video deserves to… More »

Are Ariana Grande And Big Sean The New Romeo & Juliet?!

Well..ok no they aren’t the REAL Romeo & Juliet but how amazing is this video? 

Justin Timberlake Wrote The Concept Of His New Music Video ‘TKO’

After a month, we finally can have the pleasure to watch the new Justin Timberlake’s music video “TKO“. It’s the second single from “The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2” album.

The song…

Bear Attack’s New Music Video For ‘Broke’

Bear Attack is back with a music video for its song “Broke.” Although being broke is never fun and trying to win over a love interest is tough, I absolutely adore this tune! It’s…

EXCLUSIVE: DJay Brawner On Directing Panic! At The Disco’s ‘Girls/Girls/Boys’ Music Video

This week Panic! At The Disco‘s latest album, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare to Die hit the Internet along with a brand new SEXY music video. The video for “Girls/Girls/Boys” was…

New Found Glory’s ‘Connect The Dots’ Music Video

New Found Glory is obviously in the business of killing it. Like…seriously, they kill it in everything they do, and I’m not only talking about the title of their…

State Champs Take Us To The Rink In ‘Hard To Please’ Music Video

State Champs has a new music video for, “Hard To Please” on MTVU today! As a teen who grew up loving pop/punk and spent weekend nights at the hockey rink, this video was made for…

The Swellers Release New Music Video For ‘High/Low’


Within Temptation Join The Forces With Tarja Turunen For Their New Single

As I previously announced a month ago, the most famous Dutch metal/gothic back is coming and on Friday they first single has been released and so the music…

Hear It First: Best Of Friends

If you are like me, you are always on the search for new music to get obsessed with and play on repeat.

A pal of mine told me to check out his new band

EXCLUSIVE: The Colourist ‘Little Games’ Video Premiere

Today we’re happy to premiere The Colourists new music video for, “Little Games.” We LOVE the acoustic version of the song and are excited to see how the band translated the…

Youtube Evolution Of: Memphis May Fire

It has been a bit since I have gotten to do a Youtube Evolution, I MISSED IT!

This week’s evolution is on the band I think you all love, Memphis Mayfire!

Jon Boogiee Dances In Maejor Ali’s Video For ‘Lolly’ ft. Juicy J & Justin Bieber

I recently got the opportunity to dance in a music video for Maejor Ali’s song ‘Lolly’. If you…

Breaking Down The Britney Spears “Work Bitch” Music Video

The amazing Jordan Miller of wrote this AMAZING post and I had to share it with all of you, because it completely worth it!

So, let’s go…

We are just a weekend away from listening to…

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